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TriMedx Intern Presentation

No description

Allison Kuhn

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of TriMedx Intern Presentation

Allison Kuhn
TriMedx Intern Presentation
Purdue University class of 2013
Biomedical Engineering
Interests: travel, family, dogs, sailing, volunteering, gymnastics, everything Purdue, sorority treasurer
About Me
Professional problem solving in the medical field
My Biomedical Engineering Experience
Core Subjects:
Anatomy & Physiology
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Computer Science
Materials Engineering
Hands-On Experience:
Labs - Electricity, Transport, Mechanics & Materials
Senior Design Project
Professional development & design
Peer Mentoring
Healthcare Systems Engineering
Medical Device Accidents
Internship Projects
Vendor Service Contracts
FTE Model
Training Request Process
Internship Reflection
My Future
Special thanks!
Vendor Service Contract Linking: help catch up on work that has been backlogged
Create links between service contract TVC numbers and devices in RSQ and
Create contract summaries for new sites
Master Elimination Report: which contracts were we able to eliminate?
Update and streamline the Vendor Service Contract worksheet and request/approval process
Keep track of everything
Online form
Brand new experience for me
How can we tell what work needs to be done?
Missing data
Redundant data entry
InfoPath and SharePoint - not cost effective on hosted solution
Time crunch
All working forms online
Automated processes
Keep track of the status of each request
Increase communication
Proactive involvement and ownership
Legal department involvement
Understand the purpose
Complete the FTE Model Reports for May, June, and July
Get existing Access database to duplicate results
Make it more streamlined/user friendly
Learning curve
Need data input from several sources
Some reports hadn't been pulled in a while
Working with existing website
Online interface
User-friendly enough for someone else to run all reports
Continue to improve accuracy
Streamline the process
All forms and approval online
Keep track of all training requests, including who has actually attended training
Go Live by today (8/1/12)
Learn steps for going from Test to Live environment
InfoPath and SharePoint - not cost effective on hosted solution
Learning a new programming language
Working with existing website - outdated
Impacts lots of people
Lots of little details
Getting the word out
Integrate with RSQ
Searchable training database
Continue to improve user-friendliness
Improved Skills
Communication skills
Time management
Managing priorities
Identifying the problem
New Skills
How to analyze a contract
Create Active Server Pages
MS Access
MS SharePoint and InfoPath
Learned something new everyday
Tying together school and real-world experiences
The people & atmosphere
The business and process side of engineering
Clinical engineering
Opened new doors
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