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Rights/Duties/Responsibilities of Citizens

This Prezi goes with a graphic organizer you can download off my website.

Laura Thrower

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Rights/Duties/Responsibilities of Citizens

of Citizens "Jury duty" may have to be served by you at the state
or federal level. During jury duty, you decide the guilt
or innocence of someone on trial. Participate in political campaigns or volunteer to help with elections.
Be informed about your government! Volunteer to help others in your small or large communities.
For discussion: What are some other ways you can help society? Obey laws of local, state, and federal governments.
DISCUSS: What happens to society when others don't follow laws? Register to vote in local, state, and federal elections!
THINK: Why is voting important? People must pay taxes (local, state and federal) or risk going to jail. Register for the Selective Service in case of a draft. This applies only to young men who reach the age of 18. You will only be called to duty if the draft is re-enacted. "There are only 2 things that
are certain in life: death and taxes." Be informed about the world around you
What can happen if you are not educated about your community and world? Tolerate and respect other people's viewpoints, cultures, and backgrounds. Go to school!
Learn in school! Rights: powers of citizens granted by the state or national constitutions Duties: Actions required of citizens by laws Responsibilities: voluntary actions not required by law What are some class examples YOU can think of to go under rights? You should know several by now based on our study of constitutions.

Also, silently add at least 2 examples of your own in the third row. Now, as you read the following examples, decide whether these actions are duties or responsibilities and put them in the appropriate box in your graphic organizer under "class examples". DISCUSS: Why is this important in our country? If you are intolerant of others, how does that affect YOU? Education is only free until you are 18. It's incredibly expensive to stay uneducated in life.
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