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Cj Luong

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Women

How important it is for us to recognize and celebrate our heroes and she-roes!
Clash of Cultural Differences
Women in different cultures are degraded and fall victim to cruel religious practices and beliefs.
Half a million girls are reported "missing" (abortion) in India, China, South Korean, and Pakistan every year.
There are honor killings in parts of South Asia, Europe and Middle East.
The criminals are granted immunity in religious states because of their beliefs.

Inequity Pay
In China and India, thousands of women each year are abducted and sold as brides to multiple men, sometimes even brothers.
They are seen as breeders for the next generation.
In Islamic traditional law, women are take the punishment for the crimes her male family members did.
This is similar to a practice called
in Afghanistan which is when the daughter is married off as a compensation for her father's debt.

Thursday, May 21, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Effects of Advertisements on Women
Forced into marriage and sex/labor slavery
Trafficking and Mistreatment
Studies show that advertisements make about 70% of women feel worse about themselves
Form a negative self image of themselves
suffer from anxiety
Anorexia and bulimia
“54% of women belong to a gym to achieve an ideal body and some women take on unhealthy habits and develop eating disorders.”
276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria
Exclusive: Women
Are shown to be passive objects
Show the women to be inferior than the men
To look beautiful make- up is necessary
Are mostly shown promoting particular items, such as, clothing, make-up, and home appliances

Women as of the present are paid only 77% of what men earn.
Regardless of their age, race, academic level or occupation, women are still paid less
than men.
The equal pay act passed in 1963 which made it illegal for an employer to pay woman
differently for the same skills needed in an occupation
The Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act passed by Obama allowed employees to have 180 days to
report their suspicion of a faulty paycheck
Due to gender socialization which is the learned attitudes for an appropriate gender,
it is difficult for women to enter men based fields.
Restrictions women
Women are not allowed to pick their husbands in some countries and are forced to marry someone who does not value them properly
In some religions, women are not allowed to show skin and are forced to cover themselves completely, regardless of the weather
Women were expected to stay home, do household chores(laundry, cooking, cleaning, caring for children, sewing, etc)
Men felt that women could not amount to anything
In previous decades, women were not sent to school because they would not use the education so they only sent males to schools while women learned the household duties at an early age from their mothers at home
Maya Angelou
Women of the
Past vs. Now
(First World)
Works Cited
"Women by the Numbers." Infoplease. Infoplease, n.d. Web. 22 May 2014. <http://www.infoplease.com/spot/womencensus1.html>.
-Men disguised as security came to a government school in Nigeria and kidnapped 276 girls. Rumors say that these girls have been forced into marriages and/or trafficked into sex slavery
- Two women protesting to see some action to find the girls were arrested, rather than seeing efforts to find the missing girls, they focused on two women protesting for justice.
- Government didn't start to take action to
search for the missing girls until after the protest
Women get paid 23 cents less than men.
Women of a different ethnicity like african
americans and latinas get paid even less.
African americans get paid 62 cents while
latinas get paid 54 cents.
In India, they also burn brides to death if the dowry is too small or doesn't match the wealth of the husband.
Widows, in some parts of Africa and in Hinduism, are frowned upon so they are encouraged to have sex with their husband's relatives or a community member to be reintroduced into the community.

Discrimination against pregnant women

Peggy Young vs. UPS
In the past, it was perfectly common for employers to fire their pregnant female employees. They felt that they would be gone for so long to nurse the child, so instead of waiting for them to come back, they should be replaced.

Peggy Young fought against discrimination of pregnant women stating that this was a violation of equality acts and laws and that this discriminated against women not JUST the pregnancy alone.

Young started the "Pregnant Workers Fairness Act" and later successfully enacted a law to stop discrimination against pregnant women in the workforce.
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