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The Horrors of Slavery

No description

Raven Enriquez

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of The Horrors of Slavery

The Horrors of Slavery By: James M.
Reyna S.
Raven E. Death Sentences When they attempted to run away this is what the punishment would usually be. Either they get whipped, beat up, killed, or a body part was cut off. Living Conditions Slaves were not allowed to own property because the master wanted them to be focused on the work the master wanted, not what the slaves wanted. Slave Labor All slaves had to work. They had to do lots of work and they were barely supervised. They were expected to make a certain amount of work and if they did not reach it, they would be punished. African Sexuality A lot of slave women were subjected to situations that involved sexual content. It was mostly for reproduces so the master can have the mothers raise them to be productive slaves. African American slave women would be raped by their owners and that concluded into the women usualy losing her self esteem and dignity. Slave Auctions A lot of families that were put into slavery auction, were split up and sold to different people. Slave auctions resulted into families being split up, mothers separated from their child, and even getting beat up right there on the spot. Run Away Slaves A lot of slaves ran away and because of that they were beaten more, whipped, and detained. To prevent them from running away they put a torture device on their neck so it would be difficult for them to try to escape. Food The food that was served to the slaves was very simple and tasteless. Sometimes they weren't even fed decent amounts of food, it would be the left overs. The greatest thing a slave could be served would be pepperpot. Its was a very tasty thing to slaves. Slave Houses The conditions that the slaves lived in were very rough. They did not have a lot of space & what they slept on wasn't very comfortable. Field Slaves There was no holding back when it came to working. If a pregnant woman went into labor, they would have to continue working. Field slaves were to work from sunrise to sunset. Some were required to work 18 hours a day. Journey of the Slave Ships These were the trips the slaves took:

- 35 days from Angola to Pernambuco
- 40 days from Angola to Bahia
- 50 days from Angola to Rio Food/Water for the Slaves on the Ships They did not want to spend a lot of money on food for the slaves. They would rather have them die than pay for more food. They tried to buy and supply as little as food as they can to the slaves. How Packed the Slave Ships Were Slaves were packed very tightly in a ship which would take them to where they were to going to be sold. The conditions inside the boat were more than horrible. A lot of slaves died while on the boat. They would rarely let them out for fresh air. Work Cited "Black Peoples of America - The Slave Auction." Black Peoples of America. N.p., n.d. Web. http://www.historyonthenet.com/Slave_Trade/slave_auction.htm ,20 Mar. 2013.

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Men were treated with very much disrespect and were not allowed to have any pride in themselves. Unlike the men, women were raped by their own owners which would ruin their dignities and lose their self respect from others. This torture device would make it very
difficult for slaves to run away. It would get caught in tree branches and make lots of noises. Field Slaves would usually work on picking out cotton, gardening, and growing crops all day. Angola Rio Longest Journey How the Slaves were packed in the ships The punishments were very cruel. They would be punished for not coming to work, eating spare food, and stealing. Resulting in whipping, beating, breaking bones, a heavy iron weight with spikes on the neck, a piece of your body cut off, a chain around your ankle, or they would be locked away in a prison of some sort. Punishments This picture shows us a owner whacking his slave with some type of paddle. This picture shows us somebody getting whipped till they are dead. As you can see here. They always had there whips out ready to whip anyone who refused to go to their new owners. As you notice the area they were placed to live in was not suitable and was not a pleasant location. Slaves were usually always supervised by their owners or checked up on. These were the types of houses the slaves stayed in. Very bad condition and their beds weren't comfortable.
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