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lucia marie arzaga

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of FLAVOR CHEMIST

* A flavor chemist is someone who uses chemistry to engineer artificial and natural flavors.
* These chemists use the building blocks of organic chemistry to influence how our taste buds react to several foods.

* This can involve using advanced laboratory techniques to separate flavors, such as gas and liquid chromatography.

* While some Flavorist work for food production companies, another option includes working in flavor houses - "companies that create flavors in a lab for numerous purposes." FLAVOR CHEMISTS' JOB Joe Peragine EDUCATION REQUIREMENT * The training of a Flavorist is mostly done on-the-job and specifically at a flavor company known as a flavor house, this training is similar to the apprentice system.

* Some schools offers a two years of high-standard education in food flavoring including 12 months of traineeship in a food company. This kind of education program provides students with solid background in “flavor formulation”, “flavor application” and “flavor chemistry”. FLAVOR CHEMISTS'
SALARY * The life of a Food and Flavor Chemist usually takes place in a lab, which is really just a kitchen, complete with blenders, ovens, and other kitchenware.
* The Chemist’s work is often to prepare foods as they would at home, but to also take a close look at the chemistry that goes into preparing the foods.
* The Chemists experiment with chemical and substance proportions or combine new substances to optimize flavor or nutritional value.

* Their research will then be utilized by the food industry to affect the taste and nutritional value of the foodstuffs that are sold in supermarkets, gas stations, and anywhere else that sells food. FLAVOR CHEMISTS' LIFE COOLEST THING ABOUT BEING A FLAVOR CHEMIST A senior Flavor Chemist/ Technical Director at Brand Aromatics Inc.
United States F
R C H E M I S T FLAVOR CHEMIST OR "FLAVORISTS" *They use scientific and analytical tools, along with creativity, to boost natural flavors and create new ones. FLAVOR CHEMISTS
DUTIES * Flavor chemists examine the characteristics of proteins, fats, starches, carbohydrates, natural flavors and other components.

* They determine the role each component has in a particular flavor or food and discover how that role is affected by additives. Flavor chemists develop flavors that remain sharp even when put through various methods of food preparation such as processing, freezing, cooking or boiling. * Educational requirements for this profession known as Flavorist are varied. Flavorist may have had little or no formal education up to PhD's obtained in subjects such as Biochemistry and Chemistry. * Many of the Flavorist holds bachelor's degrees in chemistry to help them understand the details that formed. A typical bachelor's degree in chemistry includes topics in organic, inorganic and biological chemistry. FLAVOR
CHEMIST * The salary for a Food and Flavor Chemist looking for a career could be looking at a salary that ranges from $28,750 annually (entry level salary), to $41,667 annually (low), to $53,634 annually (typical), to about $70,940 annually (high). There are cases though that a chemist with a PhD. can have a salary that exceeds $85,000 a year. B) The amount of creativity involved in
creating new flavors

B) There is never a typical day at work,
new experiences await everyday

B) Work is done inside and outside the lab,
the chemist needs to go out and and
find how public reacts to their

B) Be able to adjust and perfect your
favorite snacks and drinks

B) Be able to tests food before they ever
hit the market. * "The life of a Food and Flavor Chemist is an
exciting, driven life that requires dedication,
knowledge, a love of food, a little creativity, and
a “taste” for science.
* If you got all these then you should definitely look into a career as a Food and Flavor Chemist." CONCLUDING STATEMENT SPECIAL SKILLS AND

PERSONALITY TRAITS One should look Food Chemistry as an art, one must be creative and curious, relatively outgoing and competitive, motivated, have excellent senses of smell and taste and have good odor and taste memories, work well under pressure, and enjoy precision and note taking
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