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Week 2

No description

Alexa Wright

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Week 2

Unit 2 Week 2
1. A man with a generous heart Mr Baldwin donated the money for the new library.
2. Joey made a fingerpainting his favorite kind of art.
3. Our class learned how to use a protractor a tool for measuring angles.
4. Anthonys brother John knows how to play the trombone.
5. He was able to finish his essay using Speak Pro a new software program.
Rewrite the sentences using the correct punctuation.
Do Now
Symbolism PPT
Journal # 3
Describe a special item to you. Who gave you the item? What does it represent to you?
The Golden Fleece
1. Read "The Golden Fleece" in your group.
2. Complete the guided reading questions.
3. As you read consider what the fleece may represent.
Bye-Bye-Blurb # 3
What does the Golden Fleece* symbolize? Why?
ACED Response
6-7 Sentences
- power
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Symbolism Notes
4. Symbolism Group Activity
6. Guided reading "The Golden Fleece"
7. Bye-Bye-Blurb
8. Literature Circles.
Learning Target
I can analyze a symbol in a greek myth.
Literature Circle Preparation
Select at least one task.
1. San Diego a beautiful city in southern California is a popular place to visit
Ex: San Diego, a beautiful city in southern California, is a popular place to visit.
Name That Symbol!
1. Look at the image.
2. Discuss with your group.
3. Write down a one word meaning of the image shown.
Do Now
Study your appositive notes
1. Read the myth
2. Write a one sentence summary for each section or draw an image that summarizes the event in each action
Mood Notes
Disney's Hercules
As you watch the film complete the reading questions #s 1-35.
Bye-Bye-Blurb # 4
After the film complete # 4 and #s 36-40 (Vinn Diagram).
1. Do Now
2. Review LT
3. Unit 2 Quiz 1
4. Read Hercules Roman Myth
5. View Hercules Film
6. Bye-Bye-Blurb
Learning Target
I can compare and contrast a film and text representation of the Hercules myth.
Text Version
Film Version
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