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The Death Penalty For The Best

Death Penalty paper english II

Andrew Maidon Maidon

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of The Death Penalty For The Best

The Death Penalty For The Best By: Andrew Maidon Main Points Most Americans are for the death penalty It is not used as much as it should be It does not violate the US Constitution Most americans are for the death penalty In 1994, four out of five people said they were in favor of the death penalty. White males are more likely to support the death penalty more than African Americans, Hispanics, and women. There was a study that said attitude toward the death penalty are based on emotional reactions when you realize that one person has just killed another. The death penalty is not hackneyed Less than 1% of the 6,930 defendants were sentenced to the death penalty between 1973 and 2000. In January 2003, 122 people were sentenced to the death penalty even though they were innocent. Almost all 122 charges were dropped because of reasons other than being innocent. The error rate of the death penalty (killing innocent people) is lower than most punishments like life imprisonment. Death penalty does not violate the US Constitution The US Constitution says you cannot do anything cruel or unusual to a criminal for their punishment It specifically allows the death penalty to be used A cruel or unusual punishment would have been something like, being ripped into four pieces by horses, have their guts cut out alive, cut their hands off, or even tie them up and let people make fun of them, and maybe even through stuff at them Death penalty Ann Scott, mother of Elaine Scott, is in favor of the death penalty, because a man sexually assaulted, beat, and tortured her daughter even though he had just rapped a little girl 3 years before. The man's name is Alfred Brain Mitchell. They could of kept him another year, but they thought he was fine and they needed the space for people who needed. If he were to be given the death penalty 3 years ago, he would have not hurt another human being. Ann Scott said this about Mitchell,
"I want this bully gone. I want him to disappear off the face of this earth. I want him to rot in hell for all of eternity. He is a bad seed that never should have been born. He is an animal; when you have animals that attack people, you take them to the pound and you have them put away." Each kill from the death penalty saves about 16 murders; one of those could be you or a loved one
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