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Tracking also called setting or streaming the manner by which students are separated by academic ability into groups for all academic subjects within a school.

brent binford

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Tracking

Tracking A
A maj

advantage of tracking is that it allows teachers to better direct lessons toward the specific ability level of the students in each class
Tracking makes no real difference in scholastic achievement for low and average ability students but it does produce substantial gains for gifted students

AKA slow kids move at there passé and smart kids get harder moor complex teaching
Kittredge, Betsy Miller
on April 7, 2010 11:30 AM
On Wednesday, April 14, the U.S. House Education and Labor Committee will hold a hearing to examine how the use of data systems in schools across the country can help improve education outcomes.

This is part of a series of hearing the committee is holding as part of a bipartisan, transparent effort to overhaul the Elementary and Secondary Education Ac, currently known as No Child Left Behind.

No Child Left Behind.
heer have sum mony (work lil slaves work!) O Jimy im so prod ya like food Tavon git in the shower No Child Left Behind. Tracking (also called setting or streaming) the manner by which students are separated by academic ability into groups for all academic subjects within a sckool
I believe that tracing is, in fact is a beneficial way for teachers to teach and sum kids to learn but who can we make it to where all kids benefit. You can not call it fare to say that one kid has moor leering ability because that child works harder. We need a better way of doing things. You know the term fell throw the crakes, why don’t we fix that first. There needs to be moor attentive studs don moor often and when are we going to out law ignorant pregnancy. Or if your going to separate us thin do it wide scale like send the smart peeps to Alaska and pregnant teens to Florida.

Well I don’t rely know how I mite fix such things but I do know I’m tired of being victim to them. The way I see it the majority of us are victims to America. Living a lot closer to the poverty line thin desired and working a lot harder thin need be. They say you can do anything in America, you can be anyone …………………………but you probly wont. In this project I learned a lot about Prezy and that regardless of how angry I am even I must play the game.
There shod be a department of school intervention and there job wood be to inshore pace and tranquility any way they can. They cud go to every school in America and record countless info that cud perhaps lead to improving the satisfaction of young scholars everywhere.
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