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U.S. Child Labor Laws & Opinion

No description

Mercedes Trevor

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of U.S. Child Labor Laws & Opinion

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
U.S. Child Labor Laws & Opinion
Stiffer Legislation?
Yes, there should be stiffer legislation, teens should be allowed to have at least minimum wage when employed. And kids should not even be employed. Also, whether or not agriculture work, children/teens should not be put under danger.
More Careful Watch by Parents and Teachers of Child's Work?
I think there should be a more careful watch. It would ensure a safer environment. The more guidance, and watchful eye of a older person (the child is comfortable with), the better.
Rules Regarding Work Hours & Responsibilities
Work hours should be minimal, and lower for younger workers, but can increase with age. It always has to be reasonable with the teen however, and young children shouldn't be working at all. And responsibilities can't be to difficult. People can't expect high quality work from someone younger, as they do of older workers.
Rules Regarding Interference with School Work
Work hours should never have interference with school. Teens and kids need to do well in school and grad. Work hours should only be when school is not in session.
Punishments for Violators?
Yes! Child labor is not okay, and violators need to be punished, or have some consequence. Children should not spend their childhood working, or be put into a harmful environment. They should work by choice, and when they're older. Once they do decide to get a job, they should be paid at least minimum wage. And agriculture work is not for kids.
Children shouldn't be pushed into labor the way they are. Labor and child exploitation is not okay. Kids deserve a safe and protected childhood, and when they get older they should have a safe job, where harm/danger is not a factor.

- Children can work on family farms with parental/guardians permission
- far less than minimum wage
- legal to do hazardous work in agriculture, banned by law in any other industry
- drop-out of school rate 4x rate, 1/3 never grad
- Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
restricts employment and abuse of child workers
protect educational opportunities of youth
don't allow employment that would be harm to health and safety
restricts hours kids under 16 can work, and states whats hazardous or to dangerous for young workers
^ according to FLSA children under 12 should not be employed
12-15 employed with limited hours
16-18 unlimited hours, non-hazardous employment
exceptions: employed by parents/guardians, newspaper delivery, child actors
- but for agriculture work its more lenient
kids can be employed with unlimited hours
parents/guardians permission
outside of school hours
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