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What makes Scala cool?

A talk for the oahu sw geeks.

Kevin Hester

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of What makes Scala cool?

What makes Scala cool?
What makes Scala cool?
How I found scala? fp -> embedded -> java -> C# -> F# -> scala
C# was almost good
JVM ubiquity with !nasty language
loved it - expressive fun
Gene sequencing, motorcycles, drones and streetlights.

Let's talk...
The language is actually small(ish), but builds powerful libraries...
homogenous collections done right -> Sun made a mistake.
duck typing & C#'s using
easy FP (pattern matching, currying, macros etc...)

Even more discussion... ;-)
Incremental & Fun
Uses the JVM (or .net)
Easy introduction to FP -> no need to 'commit'
!clojure ;-)
OOP++, traits/mixins
immutability is good, but optional
death to for-loops ;-)
Nice IDE support
Make webapps or android apps

Talk some more?
Incredible productivity
type inference is like physics == !carpal tunnel
safe threads (!mutex brain farts)
easy code reuse
OOP without half-hearted functional programming (C#)
great userbase
static typing !evil -> if it compiles it is possibly correct.
Let's make a webapp
Lift vs. Play vs. Scalatra?
performance >> ruby
actors for safety and webapps
easy parallelism (even on a GPU)
easy remoting (real world actors)

Even more discussion... ;-)
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