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Financial Aid 101

No description

Chris Henthorn

on 8 April 2017

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Transcript of Financial Aid 101

How do I maintain my Financial Aid?
What if I have a Special Circumstance?
How do I navigate my R'Web?
What is Financial Aid?
Reminders & Contact Info
What if I have a special circumstance?
Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)
What if my parents' income has changed drastically?
What if I cannot get my parents' information?
What if I need to borrow more money to cover unforeseen expenses/costs?
What is Financial Aid?
FAFSA/Dream Act - March 2nd
Complete all financial aid requirements listed in R'Web - April 14th.

How do I maintain my Financial Aid?
Pell Grant, Cal Grant, UCR Grant, SEOG Grant

scholarshiplist.ucr.edu, fastweb.com, finaid.org
Grants & Scholarships: Gift Aid
Loans & Work Study: Self-Help Aid
UC financial aid program for lower-income students that guarantees you will not have to pay UC's system-wide tuition and fees out of your own pocket

Must be an Undergraduate CA resident
Must have submitted a FAFSA/Dream Act application by March 2nd
Family income must be less than $80,000 for the tax filing year
You must be able to demonstrate a financial need
Blue & Gold Program
website: finaid.ucr.edu
email: finaid@ucr.edu
phone: 951.827.3878
Contact Information
Required Documents
Loans: (borrowed money that you must pay back)
Subsidized, Unsubsidized, Perkins, PLUS, Alternative

Federal Work Study:
Need based money that you earn through working
Financial Aid consists of...
When should I do a FERPA release?
If you want to give the Financial Aid office permission to speak to your parents about your Financial Aid details, then you will need to complete a FERPA release form for each authorized member.
You May find out more detailed information by going to:
Navigating Rweb: Log in by going to http://rweb.ucr.edu
Be sure to check your messages frequently to monitor any changes made to your financial Aid package.
You can also track Academic Progress, Holds, or see if Financial Aid needs any additional documents, by clicking on "Requirements and Eligibility" link.
How do I review my award letter?
How do I view my messages, requirements, and holds?
How do I notify Financial Aid office of changes?
Requesting Revisions
Financial Aid
R'Web Home Screen
Once in R'Web, click on financial aid button.
The first step to accepting your Financial Aid award is to agree to the Terms & Conditions.
Your Financial Aid will NOT pay out until you complete this step!
How do I review my Award?
Tuition & Fees + Room & Board = UCR Charges
*Room & Board is only charged to your account if you are living on campus.
All other amounts represent your
personal expenses which are
charged to your UCR account
Click here to print your Award Letter
*Here you can view your aid by term and fund type
You have many options available. You may accept your full award, a partial amount of your loans, or you can even choose to decline selected funds.
Make sure you accept all grants and scholarships since it is gift aid that you wont have to repay
This is your account screen where you can review the charges and payments posted to your account.
For any questions about billing, payments, or refunds you will want to contact Student Business Services or the Cashier's Office
email: sbsofc@ucr.edu
phone: 951.827.3204
Student Business Services (SBS) Contact Information
How do I get my refund to pay directly to my personal account?

Setting up Direct Deposit
Log into your R'Web account
Select the Student Account icon
Click on the "Student Account Online" link
Click "Edit" under eRefund
Enter required information and click "Continue"
Once you are enrolled in Direct Deposit, it will take about 3 business days to process. You may contact Student Business Services with any questions regarding your Direct Deposit.
How do I get Financial Aid Forms?
To access forms go to: http://financialaid.ucr.edu/forms-appeals/index/html
If you feel that there is an extenuating circumstance, come see a Financial Aid Counselor.
SAP is reviewed at the end of Spring quarter every year
You must
fall below a cumulative GPA of 2.0
Pace must be at least 67% (attempted units vs. completed/passed units)
You must complete at least 30 units successfully each academic year
Enrollment Status
Your aid pays out based on your enrollment status and is prorated accordingly
Full Time: 12+ Units 3/4 Time: 9-11 Units
1/2 Time: 6-8 Units Less than 1/2 Time: 5 Units or less
Finish in Four
Before you drop a class or withdraw from the university, make sure you consult with financial aid first. A drop or withdrawal may affect the amount of financial aid for which you are eligible, and may therefore result in a possible financial aid bill.

UCR urges you to take take/pass 15 units per quarter to earn your bachelor's degree in 4 years
Save money and time!
Be advised that you may NOT be eligible for grants during a 5th year

Your financial aid award is subject to change at any time.
The financial aid office may verify your information or request additional documents at any time.
Emails & Messages:
Make sure to monitor your emails and financial aid messages within R'Web regularly.
Presentation Created and Developed by:
Priscilla De Loera
Jasmin Henderson
Chris Henthorn

with Special Thanks to:
Maria Bachus
Nancy Nguyen

Financial Aid 101
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