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Gymnastics Tricks

No description

madeline moore

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Gymnastics Tricks

Gymnastics Tricks
Gymnastics and
Madeline: side aerial
Anna: Round-off back handspring
Morgan: Front walkover
Anna's Goal
Round off back handspring
By Madeline Moore, Anna Moody, and Morgan Beware
Morgan's Goal
Front Walkover
This skill is a form of a basic tumbling
skill and a more advanced skill. You start with a basic round off-cartwheel. And then you jump into a back hand spring. You should accomplish each skill alone first. And then you add the two skills together. Some ways to accomplish getting these together is doing a round off. then stopping and then doing a back hand spring, and just get faster and faster to get both of them together

This skill is the exact opposite of the Back Walkover. It is performed from a lunge position. The athlete kicks to a handstand, with legs remaining in a split, and then arches the back further, until one foot arrives on the floor. the athlete pushes the weight onto the foot, and then stands immediately up, ending with one foot extended in front, and the arms over head. The head should remain back throughout, and the legs should remain straight. Before you preform this move always stretch. You should stretch your arms and leg before you do anything. Roll you ankles wrists before. Don't forget to roll your neck back but not behind your shoulders.


A side aerial is a cartwheel with no hands. You run and then flip through the air, sideways. The point is to flip sideways without touching the ground until you land. Just a normal cartwheel is when you rotate sideways. Unlike an aerial, you put your hands down as well as your feet. You have to have a lot of momentum so you can stay in the air. It is much easier to start an aerial from running and then doing the aerial.

Front walkover
Side aerial
Madeline's Goal:
Side Aerial
A gymnastics video with Emily and Madeline
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