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Stats User Decision Tree

No description

ARTD Consultants

on 22 July 2014

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Transcript of Stats User Decision Tree

Understand the nature and role of all variables in the data set
Is the extent and nature of missing data known, and is there a plan to deal with it?
Is the nature and role in the analysis of all variables known?
Clarify the research and evaluation questions for the data analysis
Are the research or evaluation questions to be answered by this analysis clear?
Make a (new) data analysis plan
Clarifying research and evaluation questions for data analysis
Can we describe a context or predict an outcome?
Is there an association?
Is there a difference?
How can these be expressed as hypotheses?
What are the research or evaluation questions relevant to the data analysis?
Are the responses normally distributed for important subsets of the dataset?
Are the responses normally distributed for the whole dataset?
Continuous or numeric
Nominal or categorical
What type of data is each variable?
Which data items are explanatory/independent/
predictor variables?
Which data items are outcome/dependent/
response variables?
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