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Untitled Prezi

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Danielle Weinburger

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Your Assignment You should open weheartit.com. That is one of the best pictures websites. Resources First, you have to know what
your client wants, say your client
wants vampire teeth you would
search vampire teeth. And tons of
picture will show up. Step one Step two Then you try to find the perfect match to, what
the client wants. If the client is not specific then be
creative, and add a twist of your style. Step 3 Hello, after you go though this prezi, make sure to
do your assignment. Your assignment is to find me
three or four pictures you think would go with this idea. the idea is I want a girl that is dancing crazily or very happy, she could also be doing gymnastics.
You get points for creative.

Extra credit: Find me a 3 to 4 pictures of a girl doing ballet or lyrical or contempary dancing. Then make
one into a cover and show it to me. By: katniss23432 How to find the right picture I know this is basic for some of you If you can`t find the picture you want
you should try your web browser, and
other things. Lastly make sure the image is not in banner formation or if it is you will learn how to change it in another
lesson. This is a graded a assignment
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