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Tabby's Star and proxima-B

No description

APGilli Gillikin

on 22 September 2016

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Transcript of Tabby's Star and proxima-B

Space Discoveries!
These dimming events, which were detected by NASA's planet hunting Kepler space telescope, were said to be substantial to be caused by an orbiting planet. Boyajian's team suggested that it could have been a cloud of fragmented comets, but other researchers said that the waves were consistent with a possible "alien megastructure"
Tabby's Star was discovered in September 2015 by a group of researchers from Yale University led by researcher Tabetha Boyajian. The research team said that Tabby's Star, also known as KIC 8462852, which is 1,500 light years away had dimmed by an extreme amount over the past few years.
It also orbits on the golden zone, or the best range for life. It is at the right distance from the sun so life wont burn up. This makes it an ideal planet for a substitute for earth. Scientists are currently working on rockets Ion Thrusters, and warp drives for faster space travel one day.
Here is the size of Proxima Centauri compared to our sun.
What Makes It Special
Alien Megastructure?

A research project by Anna Gillikin, Brooke Graham, Jack McMahon and Max Bernauer
Proxima-B is the planet orbiting Proxima Centauri. This is the closest known star to the sun. It is a red dwarf star and is only 4.27 light years away. That makes it the closest star/system to earth! Proxima-B is also closely related to earth as in the structure and the atmosphere.
Is there extra terrestrial life just around the corner or even closer?
Artists Interpretation of Tabby's Star
Tabby's Star is still being presented as a possible alien megastrusture. The dimmings produced support this hypothesis.
Humans have never left Earth's orbit, we still have a lot of space to explore and we can only make hypothesis about whats out there. There is still a lot that we need to find out about Tabby's Star and Proxima-B. Only time will reveal whats beyond our star system.
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Ion thrusters
Ion thrusters are an advanced way of traveling in space. It creates thrust by accelerating ions with electricity, and is expected to travel a speed of 200,000 miles per hour. The earth is 24901 miles around so the Ion thruster could orbit it ^6 times in a hour. This is a major speed increase from our current international space shuttle speed which can only go around it once in 90 minutes.
Warp Drive
In theory its a faster than light transportation used to practically teleport space ships to distant areas. Though it is primarily used in science fiction it is entirely possible that this method could be made possible in the near future. It works by physically bending space/time like how an airplane bends air to maintain lift.
This is an artists interpretation of what the planets climate and geography looks like.
Tabby's Star
artist interpretation
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This is an Ion engine prototype.
This is what scientists think the the alien megastructure would look like if the hypothesis were true.
This is a Warp Drive prototype
Proxima-B and Tabby's star
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