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FemmeHacks 2016 Wrap-up

No description

Andrea Baric

on 10 March 2016

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Transcript of FemmeHacks 2016 Wrap-up

Over 400 women registered from the US, Canada, and even India!
13 Philadelphia area schools registered
35% juniors through graduate students
56% sophomores and freshmen
9% high schoolers
71 hackers checked in Friday; 74 on Saturday
16 teams presented on Saturday night
Nearly 20 companies supported FemmeHacks in some way
3:1 hacker to mentor ratio (!!!)
25 company engineers checked in
Over 10 hours of mentoring time
Swag ranged from hats to flip-flops to plush mustaches
Winning Projects
Best Overall
Bias Buster: web app with a text analysis tool to identify, quantify, and correct bias
Honorable Mention
Procedural Tones: a procedural music generator based on Conway's Game of Life
Best By Women For Women
WordGirl: a web app and Chrome extension that rates webpages for their similarity to a trigger or keyword
Best Tech for Good/Hardware
TerrainMap: terrain sensing hardware device to improve accessibility route mapping for wheelchair users
Winner Spotlight:
Bias Buster
Survey Shows...
FemmeHacks 2016
Bethany Davis '17, Kate Miller '16, Sierra Yit '17, Helena Chen '18
Inspiration: "Humans are bad at picking up bias, but machine learning algorithms can detect patterns that we've become blind to- so what better to process our language than an NLP classifier?"
Process: Built the web crawler/scraper, classifier, scoring algorithm,
and interface themselves. 2/4 women went to FemmeHacks last year!
What's Next: Allow manual selection of data, make Gmail
plug-in, give feedback on why words are flagged
Participants ranked FemmeHacks with 4.41/5 stars
(and ranked mentors with 4.59/5).
It was the 1st hackathon for 59% of our attendees.
91% of our hackers said they made at least one valuable connection with a fellow student or mentor.
We think that is so dang cool!
THANK YOU for making FemmeHacks full of awesome designing, coding, and collaborating. We hope to see you next year :)
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