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Critical Thinking

Chapter 1-2 Critical Thinking

Bill Stone

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of Critical Thinking

Chapter 1-2 also - Critical Thinking The Spirit of Inquiry Whether to think and try to understand, or just believe…that is the question. Inquiry Each of us is burdened with the task of deciding what answers are right for us. Decisions Philein – “to love”
Sophia – “wisdom”
A philosopher is (or should be) a “lover of wisdom”
To be “wise” is to possess the understanding and skill to make mature judgments about the use of knowledge in the content of daily life Love of Wisdom “The gods willed it” did not satisfy the first philosophers.
Milesian philosophers gave different explanations.
When asked about the cause of events, they assumed that answers might be found in “nature” or within matter itself. The Greek Miracle Belief – “blind belief,” the unthinking acceptance of an idea or system of ideas
Faith – authentic faith is always based on doubt – page 27 Belief & Critical Thinking Doubt – a philosopher engages in doubt as a normal modus operandi
Critical thinking – taking a good look at the ideas that we are thinking and then making a commitment to live by the best ideas we can come up with Apostle Paul criticized critical thinking
Saint Augustine asserted primacy of faith
However, Peter Abelard disagreed and said that understanding comes first.
Church history sided with Paul and Augustine Belief over
Critical Thinking
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