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Mackey Presentation

This class covers the concepts of the various marketing environments, the language specific to marketing & what health literacy is.

Julie Johnson

on 12 July 2011

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Transcript of Mackey Presentation

The Language of Chiropractic Marketing Fluency in action. Community Chiropractic Education Say What You
Need to Say Don't miss an opportunity! More than "sound bites" Never a hard sell or manipulation. Must be meaningful to THEM: SPECIFIC Engage Right information
Right dose
Right time Plot the conversation based on interest & time:
Create a direction of flow
Pique their curiosity because then THEY engage you
May see things in a new way
Help them realize where their "gaps in knowledge" lie so that they seek more information Think about what we do:
Disassemble**Reassemble**Create as our own While writing an app that uses anonymous ftp on an Apache server you must first include all ASCII text files for upload. You must also make things backward compatible to keep from blowing the backbone, plus must always keep in mind your bandwidth. You should always use beta testers before going live with any product. Bugs are a reality in development and must be corrected quickly. Cache is also a very important part of programming and must be kept at the top of the development cycle. Writing DLL's is a great way to minimize reusable code by writing once then referring to it later in the chain. If writing apps that use computer resources, making them hot swappable is a good idea as this will speed up op time and reduce o.e. The “Adjustment”: Is designed to, “Restore biomechanical integrity to the areas of articular dyskinesia due to the pathomechanical factors, including loss of joint mobility, fibroblastic proliferative changes of the supportive soft tissues resulting in decreased or flexibility/viscoelasticity and neurological and vascular changes resulting from articular dyskinesia (impairment of control over ordinary muscle movement, often resulting in spasmodic movements or tics).” Networking, Health Literacy & Community Chiropractic Education It's all about building relationships. Be an environmental trend tracker & opportunity seeker. People's views of themselves:
People use products, brands & services as a means of self-expression & they buy products & services that match their views of themselves. 3 kinds of businesses:
Those that make it happen
Those that watch it happen
Those that wonder what happened http://nnlm.gov/outreach/consumer/hlthlit.html http://www.hrsa.gov/healthliteracy/ Health Literacy: It matters..... Dr. Julie Johnson Palmer Graduate 2000
Current Coordinator for Clinic Marketing & Community Relations
Developer of S.P.E.A.K. Program
Attended over 500 community events in the past 10 years
Session Overview 1. Inspire you to get involved.
Community Events
Healthcare Presentations 2. Examination of Practice Marketing 3. Come together, right now. Structure Function Quality
Life Once You Start Going To A Chiropractor, You Have to Go Forever! Chiropractors are not REAL doctors. Chiropractors only treat neck & back pain. Chiropractors just "crack" and "pop" bones. Chiropractors cause more pain. Chiropractors cause strokes. What do you have to say about that? Haldeman, S., & Meeker, B. (2002). Chiropractic: A Profession at the Crossroads of Mainstream & Alternative Medicine. Annals of Internal Medicine, 136:216-227. Pique curiosity only
May see things in a new way
Get them to seek more information on their own
Help them realize where their gaps of knowledge are YOU have to get a firm foundation before you can deal with ANYTHING An idea:
What IF we move out of our circle of thinking that we should and could only push chiropractic to move TOWARD providing access to care and information and service to the public and our patients? It's about
COMMUNICATION Do you have a personality? Can you speak intelligently enough to represent the honor of being called a doctor? Do you know what you're doing & do you know how to get more information that's RELIABLE if you need it? Do you know what's current in the research of the profession & actually use for good? All Business Is Show Business Time to Play..... Remember...plot your course. Conversation Schematic Resource The impact of people with limited or low health literacy:
Report poorer health overall
Are less likely to make use of screenings
Present in later stages of disease
Are more likely to be hospitalized
Have poorer understanding of treatment
Have lower adherance to medical directions Health Literacy: defined as the degree to which individuals have the capacity to obtain, process and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions and services needed to prevent or treat illness. This could be any of us. Use the "teach back" method when doing patient education - instead of just telling them to do something or demonstrating it yourself, have them SHOW you how to do it. Communication 101 What fires together....wires together. Law of Associative Memory http://amandagore.com/ Professional Credibility There is a lack of conformity in our profession. Each technique has its own benefits & limits. Integrative NOT Exclusive Know our knowledge. Know our reseach. Know our history. The bottom line:
We "the people" are trained to respond to numbers and hopefully a little "sense". Known physiological effects of the adjustment:
Increased range of motion
Changes in facet joint kinematics
Increased pain tolerance
Increased muscle strength
Attentuation of alpha-motor neuron activity
Enhanced proprioceptive behavior
Changes in beta-endorphins & substance P Are there risks? Non-serious risks:
Localized discomfort
Fatigue Serious risks:
Cauda equina syndrome from lumbar manipulation
CAD from cervical adjustment
NO serious complication noted in more than 73 controlled clinical trials
1 case per 100 million lumbar spine manipulations
1 in 400,000 to between 3 and 6 per 10 million cervical adjustments YES - That's the truth.
People need and want the truth.
That's how "adult" decisions are made. Acknowledge the concern first. Think about the pragmatic realities and blend them with the emotional & philisophical - a true mix of your knowledge & your passion. Listen with your eyes for feelings. High Impact Introductions Credibility Statement Structure Function Quality of Life Transactional Consumer Relational Consumer "Health Care Class" nasco.com Get interactive Use props Survey audience Do a give-a-way drawn from surveys Speak to their NEED Event Ideas Hot Seat Game Consent Form Event Materials Resource Event Planning Resource It takes 27 repetitions of a brand before it sticks. Join a civic organization. Volunteer Small Business & Industry Wellness Program BNI Chamber of Commerce Health Fairs National Public Health Week - nphw.org Non-health related events Sporting events Community Parade Always have your "angle" - your why for being there. Think about NOW -
College freshman of 2020 are going into middle school NOW
40-60 year olds of 2020 are already over 29 yoa NOW
The at-risk teens of 2020 are in pre-school NOW
Think about the implications of this: who do you need to reach, to teach and to inspire NOW? Review national health observances: nationalwellness.org You are limited only by your own creativity, ingenuity & resourcefulness Event planning if done properly, is a process:
Gather all needed materials
Get everyone on the same page with a clear sense of what your message is
Determine a set budget
Determine available resources - human & otherwise
Who is the POC?
Attend & network
Take post event stats
Understanding buyer behavior is one of the biggest challenges marketers will ever face. Somewhere in between you will disappoint, meet or exceed Patient Expectations------>Perceived Performance Measure satisfaction REGULARLY & ENCOURAGE complaints 5 Adopters: vary based on differing values
1. Innovators - ready to risk & try
2. Early Adopters - guided by respect/opinion leaders
3. Early Majority - deliberate followers & adopt before average
4. Late Majority - skeptical & want majority to do it first
5. Laggards - tradition bound & adopt only after it's established Adoption Process:
Awareness: knows about it but has little info.
Interest: seeks info. out
Evaluation: considers if it makes sense
Trial: small scale (consult)
Adoption: full & regular use

**Your job is to help them through these stages Decision Process 5 Stages 2. Information Search:
Amount you do depends on strength of drive; info. you started with; how easy it is to get more info.; value you have on the info.; search satisfaction
Searches include personal, commercial, public & experiential 1. Need recognition: there's an internal/external problem or need 3. Evaluation of Options - totally random 4. Purchase Decision: ranking process affected by attitudes of others & unexpected situational factors 5. Postpurchase Behavior: customer satisfaction "We are what we choose." The BIG Question: How are stimuli turned into responses? Thank you.
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