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Colorado State

Presentation about colorado its state symbols, natural resources, places of interest and much much more!

Monika von koller

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of Colorado State

Lauren Odio & Monika von Koller Colorado West of the United States
Covers part of the Rocky Mountains
Was named after the Colorado river Location C
O Denver Capital Blue Spruce State Tree Rocky Mountain Columbine
Aquilegia caerules State flower State Bird S
E Founded: November 22nd, 1858
Area: 401.2 km²
Population: 619, 968 in 2011 The Land Petroleum, coal, molybdenum, sand and gravel, uranium, natural Gas, Coal, Oil Shale. Natural Resources PRAIRIE LARK-FINCH. [Lark Bunting.] 4.3 million people 75% of all of the U.S. land that is above
10,000 ft in altitude is in Colorado Has the largest flat-top Mesa The highest point is Mt. Elbert,
which is 14,433 feet above sea level Colorado is 380 miles long and 280 miles wide. Is known by its mountains and lakes Monthly average temperatures range from a
high of 98.8 degrees to a low of 36.2 degrees. Ute Indians inhabit mountain areas of southern Rocky Mountains since around
1500 A.D. making these Native Americans
the oldest continuous residents of Colorado. Native Americans Famous pepole Amy Adams Tim Allen Annasophia Robb Jake Lloyd 3OH!3 The Fray One Republic (keyboardist of Maroon 5) Food Colorado does not have an oficcial state food The most common food are
trouts, beef and lamb Plants There are over 3,000 native plant species. Its common to find: -Cactus -Wildflowers -Dandelions 750 vertebrates, more than
tens of thousands invertebrates Animals Pronghorn Mountain lions Black bears rock-loving big-horn sheep Bisons Economy Places of interest Jesse Carmichel Inventions
and Discoveries Ruth Handler invented the Barbie Doll Willard Libby (1908 - 1980) Nobel Prize winner in chemistry discovered radio-carbon dating David Packard co-founder Hewlett-Packard Company The Cheeseburger was invented in Denver, Colorado. Root Beer Float was invented in Cripple Creek, Colorado. The owners of Croks are from Colorado Agriculture Apples, wheat, corn, hay, beans, potatoes, sugar beets and carnations. Livestock Raising of cattle, sheep, lambs, hogs, and chicken eggs. (Top-ten livestock producer) Dairy goods Milk Manufacturing Scientific instruments, Computers and communications equipment, Food processing manufacturing industries, Electrical equipment, Leather and leather products, Paper. Gold, Oil, coal, natural gas… Mining -Private health care, hotels,and ski resorts; engineering, legal services, and software development.

-Finance, insurance and real estate industry. Service: Mesa Verde National Park Garden of the Gods Park Great Sand Dunes
National Park and Preserve Denver Zoo Hanging Lake Rocky Mountain
National Park Colorado State Capitol Black Canyon of the
Gunnison National Park Aspen Denver Art Museum Thank you!!
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