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No description

Susie Schmitt

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Etiquette

Etiquette Dinner Etiquette Email Etiquette
1. Never use all caps
2. No typos
3. Always include subject line
4. Use a signature and
include contact info
5. Use active words rather
than passive
6. Use proper layout
7. Be concise and to the point Business Attire Workplace Etiquette Communication Handshake Rules -Person with more authority initiates the shake
-Keep hand shake consistent not too soft, not too hard Eye Contact -Increases trust
-Demonstrates confidence/interpersonal skills
-Shows respect Proper Introductions Sources: http://www.ehow.com/about_5042301_business-attire_.html
-Place your napkin on your lap after the last person is seated at the table.
-Place your napkin on your chair if you leave but are coming back.
-When you are finished eating, place the napkin to the right of your plate. RULES FOR EATING:
-Only start eating after everyone has been served
-Chew with your mouth closed & don't talk with your mouth full
-Take small bites
-Cut food one piece at a time
-Never spit a piece of food into your napkin
-Scoop food away from you -Most important person's -Name is said first, then person being introduced
-keep it basic
-Remember names
-Carry business cards
-Keep notes Be groomed and clean
-Suit and tie (plain patterns)
-Leather shoes
-Dark calf length socks
-Short hair WOMEN'S ATTIRE
-Well-tailored pantsuit or skirted suit (conservative colors)
-Well-styled hair
-minimal jewelry
-Subtle makeup
-closed-toe leather shoes with low heels Use utensils from the outside in Pass food to the right Food on Left Drinks on Right Be timely Be polite Pay attention to way things are done around the office Be flexible Have a can-do attitude Give credit to everyone who helped at a project/event -The boss always has the last word
-Keep the boss informed
-Make the boss look good
-Go to the boss first if you have a problem Interacting with the Boss Telephone:
-Return calls the same day
-Don't keep someone on
hold for more than 30 sec.
-Always leave your phone #
if you ask them to call you back
-Make sure your voice mail is working properly
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