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No description

kai Batwinski

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of poetry

An intimate compilation of words Lead us not in to temptation but deliver us from evil.

The clouds boomed and thunder flashed.
The mighty sword of God had slashed,
The darkness of hell had come to claim,
The kingdom of God is in vain.
The gates have fallen its hinges have rusted.
We shouldn’t have trusted
The clouds are dark from heaven we embark.
Down to hell we fell
Experiencing stories we can never tell
In the deepest pits of hell
Lead us not in to temptation but deliver us from evil.

They pass you with speeds faster than you could ever comprehend.
They are the saviors of our world. Commanded by the most skilled pilots in the galaxy.
With cannons larger that skyscrapers.
They leave as fast as they came.
Destroying everything in their path and ending all life within range of their mighty blades.
They crush the heads of their enemys with the force of an atomic bombs.
The Walker

You pass him in your car on the way to church and on the way to practice.
You see him on your way to a friends house.
Never do you stop to ask him what his name is or why he walks, you just sit there and wonder.
Every once and a whie you pass him again trying to muster up the courage to ask but you never do.
Friends always say how he is a war vet or has had a fatal accident and now he is forced to walk because he has nothing else to do.
He has no expression on his face and wears the same clothes every day.
His aim is endless and he needs no map or directions, signs or road ways. He will always walk.

Rotten teeth rolling past english squirrel bodies in a coffin.
Bloddy mummies drip slimy eye balls.
Science mice eat hot students on graduation day. Matt

A little bloody child jumped for as monsters fed on his helpless parents.
The headless bodies were stuffed in a box.
His love for owls was like a demons hunger for flesh. Socialism

It is treachury in true form.
That finds you in your in your home and in your dorm.
The death it brings is worse than AID's and even pirate raids.
Tainting your children with false forms a perfect world and opportunity for all.
As we watch our country fall.
From the rubble that was our homes and dorms
We watch as democracy falls and socialism forms.

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