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Media Influences On Decision Making

No description

Mari Hill

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Media Influences On Decision Making

- How Does Media Influences Affect Our Decision Making?

-What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages Of Media Influencing our Decision Making?

-How Does Media Influencing our Decision Making Affect Our Everyday Lives? How does media influencing our decision making affect our everyday lives? What are the advantages and disadvantages of media influencing our decision making? -How Does Media Influence Affect Our Decision Making? - REPETITION!!!
-Stuff like television, radio, and billboard adds makes it easy for people to accept that something is true when it is repeated over time. -In fact, people will eventually act as if something is true, even when they know it is false. -Also, when you think about religious tenets, economic ideas, business decision making trends, and political messages, it's apparent that through consistent repetition, media influences our decision making. -Misuse (And use) of Experts!
-When people like experts, scientists, researchers are quoted, people don't usually check the validity of the claim made. The first kind of method is to quote, for example, "Research determined on the latest medical development,". It's easy for people to agree since they don't have the background knowledge that the experts do. The second type pf method is when companies use celebrities to advertise their products. -It's been proven that media affects not only youth but the majority of the world's population. With internet, Facebook, twitter, television, advertising, radio, movies, magazine's and newspapers, the media affects youth in numerous ways. -A study conducted by the RAND Corporation states that teenagers are twice as likely to engage in sexual activities if they watch or read about similar sexual behavior in the media. -Even though some aggressive behavior was demonstrated after excessively watching television, youth can be positively effected by media too. The internet gives easy accessible knowledge and is an increasingly helpful tool for self-help guides as well as exam revision. http://www.blurtit.com/q866205.htmlhttp://www.decision-making-confidence.com/media-influence-our-decisions.html
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