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Positive and negative images of the public services

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Ria Banks

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Positive and negative images of the public services

Positive and negative images of the public services
Racism has long been a charge leveled at the Public services by the media, for example the Brixton riots in the 80's, stopping and searching black youths in the 1990's or the lack of recruitment of ethnic minority officers. How ever it took the murder of Stephen Lawrence to put the subject on the political and media agenda.
The media shows incidents of the Public services portraying them as if they are using excessive force. Sometimes their claims are unfunded and damage the public perception of the Police.
Image of the Public services
The public services are portrayed in a variety of different ways by the media. The coverage can be both real, such as Police interceptors or through fictional programs such as Casualty or The Bill. ( And we all know Bradshaw loves The Bill :)
A UK study shows that The Sun newspaper dedicates around 30 per cent to crime news. This highlights the time and energy spent on the portrayal of the Public services.
Blind obedience
The media sometimes choose to portray the public services as lacking discipline and judgement if they blindly obedient when following orders.
Blind obedience
An example of this was the Hillsborough disaster when West Midlands Police ran their own inquiry into the handling of the disaster by South Yorkshire Police, who orchestrated a cover-up, falsified documents and blamed innocent supporters for the tragedy, the independent panel report found.
Effects of the negative images on the public services?
Take a minute the think about the possible impact this has on the Public services? particularly on public perception
Positive images of the Public services
Members of the Public services show courage, self-sacrifice, care and discipline everyday. Sometimes this goes unreported due to the 'bad news is good news' culture we live in today. Can you think of any examples that have been reported?
Courage and self-sacrifice
Example of this are British troops in Afghanistan, the death of Firefighter such as Rob Miller who died in 2002 while searching for trapped victims. PC David Rathband who was shot whislt on duty by Raoul Moat.
Positive images
Affect on service practice
The positive and negative images of the public services have the added impact of being able to change service practice. The stop and search procedure is now closely monitored due to the number of black and asian young men being searched. This was also impacting the recruitment of ethnic minorities as they felt they would not be accepted in the public services.
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