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The Tablet Age

No description

Dario Ercolani

on 4 September 2017

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Transcript of The Tablet Age

Technological Paradigm
... and some externalities
Growth of online shopping and online activities in general;
Let's start from the end...
Burton's Matrix
Tushman & Anderson Innovation types
Abernathy & Utterback
Christensen Model
... this is nowadays situation
Tablet's trajectory
Changes in the world of information (from paper to digital)
Boost of the app business (several different stores)
Fluid phase
Transition phase
Specific phase
PEN COMPUTER by Pencept (1985)

NEWTON by Apple (1987)

WEB SURFBOARD by Webbook (1996)

POCKET PC 2000 by Microsoft and the "Microsoft Tablet PC" project.

In 2003 Fingerworks develops for Apple touch technology and gestures.

IPAD by Apple launched in 2010 as continuation of Iphone and Ipod touch.
Turning point:
Start development of
touch screen tablets (and same OS of smartphone) with continuous increasing in the specifics.

Alignment with customer base
Maturity of technology design
"A new solution to an unexpressed need "
Rogers Model - Product lifecycle
early majority phase
Customer demand
Tablets enter the market as a
strategic/product innovation
Moreover, we can see it as a
competence enhancing innovation
(developed by mkt incumbents).
Famous last words...
"In five years I don't think there 'll be a reason to have a tablet anymore...tablets themselves are not a good business model"
Thorsten Heins (2013), BlackBerry CEO
"Future is mobile computing - and tablets and smartphones are just elements of it - the industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm"
Thorsten Heins (2012), BlackBerry CEO
"But the problem is that products are about trade offs, and you begin to make trade offs to the point where what you have left at the end of the day does not please anyone. You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not going to be pleasing to the user. And our view is that tablet market is huge."
Tim Cook (2012), Apple CEO
Our idea is that...

Tablet paradigm with its "touch and app" features can be the basis for the PC industry revolution.

The wider and wider addiction to this new type of interactive platform, together with the need of mobility, will drive the path for the future merger between PC and tablet industries.

The Tablet Age
Today, on average:
- 2,0 Ghz CPU
- 4 GB RAM
- 128 GB of memory
- USB ports --> external devices
- Compatibility with PC
only for Windows 8.1
- OS app oriented also for PC's
- still low level of Graphic definition
In the near future:
- Till 2,5 GHz
- 8 GB Ram
- 256/512 GB of memory
- USB 3.0 ports
- Creation of new app based OS
- High level of graphic performance
Definitive substitutability with PC's
Dario Ercolani
Riccardo Gobbo
Marzia Paroli
Alessandro Petrich
Renato Pietropaoli

Group 4
Technological regime's shift

Low opportunities

High appropriability

Low cumulativeness

Tacit, Firm-specific
High opportunities

Low appropriability

High cumulativeness

Systemic, Codified
(crowdsourced for OS)
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