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PLG of Risk Management

No description

Kym Groth

on 2 November 2017

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Transcript of PLG of Risk Management

Risk Assessment
Excursion - risk management
and Management
Risk Management Steps
Why we risk management
5 Steps
Australian statistics indicate that child injury deaths are most commonly associated with motor vehicle incidents (both as a passenger and a pedestrian), drowning in backyard pools and house fires. Injury related hospitalisations are mostly due to falls from nursery furniture and play equipment, poisoning, scalds from hot tap water and hot drinks, cuts from household glass, choking and dog bites.

Toilet is located up stairs while play space is up stairs
Supervision of all children
Stairs - child falling

Barrier on stairs
Talk to children while up stairs
Major- possible injury while children are left alone


I will review this process in one month. 17/9/17

Children will accompany other children to the toilet until an alternative toilet is provided.
Educator will support all children to mange the stairs, give instruction and assist those younger children in this process.
Likelihood of this occurring
You are planning a trip to the local park.
Using the template for excursions - risk assessment complete the assessment of this excursion
What have you learned about undertaking risk management and assessment?

Who can assist you to complete this process?

When must you do this process

Who else needs to be informed and permission given before an excursion occurs?
Regular Outings
or excursions you undertake regularly outside the fdc residence
What are some regular outings?
What are some of the areas or activities you must assessment, identify hazards, consider risk and apply management controls ?

Do you have a pet?
We have explored risk assessment and management.....

Look at excursions, regular outings, your environment and the experiences you offer and pets. Medical conditions and emergency drill are other risk situations you shoud consider.

Can you identify risk areas in this video...
What did you notice?
Let's look at it again..
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