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Godzilla, king of monsters

My godzilla work.

kc somerville

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Godzilla, king of monsters

the man behide the monster Tomoyuki Tanaka created the godzilla series. Tomoyuki Tanaka was born kashiwara, april 26, 1910. he died in Tokyo, april 2, 1997 Godzilla is what thought as a monster created by nuclear explosions. the trademark spikes, beam and death yell all belong to godzilla. hes said be a mutent lizerd or a dinosaur What is the king of monster Godzilla's frist appearance was in Godzilla (1954) Godzilla was acting, well like a monster. destroying buildings, killing people and lighting stuff on fire. In all there are 28 Godzilla movies made by TOHO company. Godzilla has also played the part of hero. here it shows Godzilla battling Megalon a monster who has drills for hands and comes from underground. story is creatures that look like people but with pointy heads are mad at humans because they where fouced by early humans to live down below. so they summuon Megalon to destroy humans and Godzilla fights Megalon to save the earth. In this movie Ailens ask humans that they need Godzilla and Rodan to destroy a monster killing their plant. the monster is King Gridora who would later become one of the four that is Godzilla's major enemies. so Godzilla beats King Gridora and King Gridora flys away. then Godzilla goes back to earth and rips apart Tokyo. what the ailen wanted of real is to take over Godzilla and Rodan. so they could wipeout the human race. the hole time King Gridora was under their power and now he and ailens ships blowing up Tokyo. then Godzilla and Rodan come to and send the ailens, plus King Gridora packing. In this one there is an island that no one can leave from. if some one almost gets away, the boss frees Ebirah a giant lobster. after a hard landing from the monster a man named Ryota and his pals find Godzilla. Godzilla helps them by taking out Ebirah while they fight the boss of the island. GODZILLA Godzilla 2000. this movie was the last Godzilla movie that made a North American theatrical run. the plot is that a sixty million year old UFO is found deep in the Japan Trench. a govmentell group whats to learn about the ailens using this, but the ufo flys away to the different side of the city. mean while the govment group is fighting Godzilla. then the ufo attacks Godzilla, while drianing parts of dna from him. the battle is at a standstill. so Godzilla leaves for a while. ufo starts downlouding all things about Godzilla from all computers. then the ufo mutates in to Orga (seen above)
when it could'nt control Godzilla's dna. Godzilla wins and head's back into the sea. heres what Godzilla looks like in the American remake. this is still today thought as a horrible remake to Godzilla fans. people who are not fans say its sucks. TOHO company hates it and make fun of it at the same. In Godzilla final wars the real Godzilla fights the american Godzilla who name was chraged to just Zilla. TOHO thought the American remake really took the god out of Godzilla. in the American remake Godzilla A.K.A Zilla heads to new york to lay eggs but the nest is bombed by the military. then Godzilla ( Still Zilla) is pissed off and chases the team of people at told the military. he gets traped on Brooklyn Bridge and gets killed by the military for good. then it shows that one baby Godzilla is alive and grows up to be the Godzilla in the Animated tv show Godzilla: The Series. the news movie to the series. Godzilla Final Wars is the story of how ailens want to take over the human race. but lets start at the begining. the the Earth Defense Force (EDF) is created to protect the planet.Endless warfare and environmental pollution has brought forth giant monsters, which are a grave danger to the world. The EDF freeze Godzilla under the Antarctic ice at the South Pole. Decades Godzilla is frozen. during those Decades the EDF discovers Gigan's mummified body. then monsters appear all over the world. Anguirus in Shanghai, Rodan in New York City, King Caesar in Okinawa, Kamacuras in Paris, Kumonga in Arizona, Zilla in Sydney and Ebirah near Tokyo. then the last members of the EDF have to make the risky decision: free Godzilla. THE VILLIANS What usely makes a movie are the villians. Godzilla has many enemies from different backgrounds like Mechagodzilla and MechaKing Ghidorah. Mechagodzilla 2 was fromed around the old Godzilla's bones. MechaKing Ghidorah is King Ghidorah but rebuilt with a robot one head by the ailens. monster X. he has King Ghidorah's dna Destroyer is linked to Oxygen Destroyer wiech was used against the first Godzilla in 1954. Gigan is an ailen with hooks for hands and a buzzsaw in his chest. plus he shoots laszers from his eyes. did your know Godzilla's roar is made when a gardening clove is pushed and moved across a vlion. Godzilla must truely be the KING OF MONSTERS THE END OR IS IT?
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