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Cloud Computing Threat Level: One year in the Amazon Cloud

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Dan Morrill

on 19 November 2010

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Transcript of Cloud Computing Threat Level: One year in the Amazon Cloud

For the last year CityU of Seattle has been “in the cloud” Riding LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) Like all Internet Connected Systems There is a "Threat Level" There are configuration items that can help stop hackers
There are unique constraints on Cloud Systems (Hypervisor and IP Routing meaning you only see what is aimed at you)
Like all internet connected systems you will see “scanning activity”
But it will be harder to determine “intent” if your systems are dispersed in “cloud space”
And there will be "Awe Crap" Moments Wordpress Podpress and Moodle This was caused by a scripting error in one file in Moodle (reported and fixed)
This raised our threat level And we really don't want to
peddle Viagra Man - seriously 90% of all issues were caused by faulty software Dual authentication measures (user name + PKI Key) did nothing to stop the hackers
That lots of people had That left some interesting
artifacts behind Not like this though The problem was.... The "Cloud" Is no different than many other
computer systems in terms of risk Your System Admin stills
needs to make sure that
Application Updates

Are happening On a regular basis Risk Impression after
one year in the Amazon Cloud

Same as any other system you have on the internet Software that was hard to patch Surprisingly though
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