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Cutting Edge Tools used in the Classrooms

This presentation is made for the Headmistress and the Principal of BSS Allama Iqbal Town Campus. The ICT resources mentioned in the prezi are recommended to buy or use in the school. This was made to get the feedback from the Headmistress of school.

m1 akhtar

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Cutting Edge Tools used in the Classrooms

Muneeza Akhtar
Cutting Edge Tools for the Classroom
Prime Time Math
ICT is a resource which can be used in different subjects but teacher need to consider a lot of things while planning work for the students in Mathematics lessons. The best possible selection and deployment of ICT resources should be made to cater the needs of the students and the curriculum.
As a Mathematics teacher of Grade VI I integrate ICT resources in my lessons quite frequently. I consider the following points:
How does it benefit the students’ effective learning of Mathematics?
How does it help in teaching?
How does it benefit the institution?
Is it cost effective?
The key to use of ICT is how effectivly ICT tools are integrated with different topics. When used and selected appropriately, such tools make students active participants in the learning process.
This presentation is about the effective use of ICT tools in a classroom. ICT tools that mentioned in the presentation had been used in one class successfully and now I am recommending the use of these tools in other classes as well. These tools are proved to be beneficial for the teaching and learning process.
ICT Tools
School’s budget for resources is limited but nowadays developments in ICT have been very rapid, and in general costs have fallen considerably. These days people have access to more powerful ICT resources than the teachers have in schools. After careful consideration of the cost and effectiveness I am recommending the following ICT resources to be used in school.
Prime Time Math
Mangahigh.com is games-based-learning site, where students learn Mathematics through games that balance fun and learning. Managhigh has hundreds of quizzes and fun games covering the whole Math curriculum for students age 7 to 16.
Effective Math teaching resource.
Persuade students with easy tasks and then builds confidence for harder ones( more abstract work).
Help teachers to analyze students performance thoroughly with graphs.
It helps the teacher to assign differentiated tasks to the students.

challenge provide an opportunity for the students to compete and interact with other schools and students' online.
Students Response after working on Mangahigh
Students can send private messages to the teacher, they can ask questions and share their opinion.
After the trial period and looking at the students enthusiasm and performance Mangahigh gave a 20% discount to the school. 48 students can be enrolled for a year and the school only have to pay 38,400.00 PKR for the endless games and interesting tasks to help students excel in Mathematics.
Following is the website where different schools reviews are given about Mangahigh.

Sample of
students' performance
A comprehensive report of student's performance
A graphical analysis of the student's performance from the Mangahigh users , users from all over Pakistan and the performance in the BSS Allama Iqbal Town Campus.
Price Negotiation
Edmodo is Essential for Classrooms

Teacher is intimated whenever students type a comment/question/post an assignment/ turn in quiz/upload anything. Students cannot communicate other than the group members assigned by the teacher.
Students can ask the questions without feeling embarrassed in front of the with whole class.
Edmodo makes it easier for the teachers to communicate with parents and students on regular basis.
Teachers find Edmodo very valuable because of the level of accessibility to themselves as well as their students.
It is a good way of communication as it gets the students attention and is convenient for the teacher.
Edmodo can be used for any class (It can be used for Junior Primary, Primary, Middle and Senior School).

Every class should be given a chance work on Edmodo.

Personalized and Adaptive

Students get personalized Mathematics assignments with hints, videos, and real-time intervention targeted to meet their learning needs.

Automatic Assignment

Worksheets are automatically generated and graded for each student without requiring any work from the teacher. Parents can also generate worksheets but they will have to pay for it.

Customized Rewards to Increase Engagement

Create custom incentives and rewards to motivate kids so they can practice and learn more.
Its free online tool for schools and gives complete analysis of students performance in Mathematics.
TenMarks (Contd)
Comprehensive coverage of math
curriculum from pre-K to geometry.
IXL covers over 2,000 skills through an infinite number of computer-generated questions, so students can never run out of new questions to try. They are free to practice each skill until they have truly mastered it

Wide variety of question types,
from word problems to interactive graphing.
Each skill is approached from multiple angles, offering different ways for students to think about each topic. Rather than featuring multiple choice alone, IXL offers dynamic question types for a deeper level of learning.

Real-time assessment tools and its easy for teachers and parents to analyze student performance. Quickly access any report through the dashboard or use the reports question page to find answers in an instant.

Unlimited access
to all grade levels.
Whether they want to review past lessons or jump ahead to learn new skills, students will always have access to skills that meet their needs. Plus, IXL is web-based, so students can practice anywhere, anytime—including in school and at home. It is for Grade 1 to 10.

Virtual prizes
and awards to celebrate learning milestones.
As students progress through IXL, they are rewarded with prizes such as virtual game board pieces, medals, and print-out certificates. Students feel a sense of accomplishment when they've earned an award and are motivated to keep practicing, often comparing awards with classmates and friends.

It provides a
30 Day free Trial
so teachers can see how useful it is?
Weekly and daily performance of the class sent to teacher by email. IXl also sent the certificates to appreciate the whole class.
ICT Integrated Lessons Demand of 21st Century
Traditional Classrooms
Sharing of Ideas
Fun Based Learning
ICT integrated lessons vs. Traditional Classrooms
Students become Independent Learning
Reduces teacher burden
Motivate students
Cost of IXL for 30 students
Prime Time Math (Contd)
Prime Time Math is designed to involve the whole class at the same time. This is not a program that students can use alone. The teacher role, is essential to getting the most out of Prime Time Math. Teacher is the facilitator, coach, and evaluator — essentially the same roles teacher play when you’re not using
technology! There are many Prime Time Math software. Prime Time Math presents challenging math problems across six titles from grades 4 to 9:
Adrift is for grades 4–5.

Lost is for grades 5–6. Students rank decimals and percents, multiply two-digit decimals, and measure angles and distances using a protractor.

Cliffbound and Stakeout is for grades 6–7.

Emergency is for grades 7–8.

Fire is for grade 8-9.

Prime Time Math connects math to the real world.PrimeTime Math is a type of technology-based product called Interactive Group Software. This genre of
software does just what its name implies. It uses technology to get people in a group to interact with each other. Interactive Group Software is ideal for classroom use and is based on three important educational beliefs.
I only used Prime Time Math Lost beacuse it was available in the school library but there are other software of Prime Time as well which can be used for different classes.
Secure Platform Ensures Student Safety and Privacy
Used in classroom to give assignments.
inform students of due dates.
create different types of quizzes. Edmodo grade them automatically and provide the the results.
copy and paste grades into electronic gradebook.
Prepares students for the technology that awaits in high school.
Help students to communicate with teacher.
Quiz assigned to the students.
Assignment of Graphs
Teachers can join “communities” on different subject areas: Math, Science, Language Arts and share ideas.

Teachers can find videos, websites, articles, resources etc. to use in classroom.

Edmodo Mathematics Community
Edmodo Computer Technology Community
Social Learning

Free network to communicate for teachers, students, schools and districts:
Teacher –to- Teacher
Teacher – to – Student
District – to - Teacher

District–level and school-level control
Monitor usage
Manage users
Communicate across district
Connection request sent by a teacher
Safe environment.
No private information required from students.
Students join groups by the invitation of their teacher only.
Teacher has full management control.
Best used in FireFox
Students Login Form
Teacher can save the resources or notes in Edmodo library. In this way teacher can access the resources anywhere and anytime.
Badges awarded to the students
Edmodo allows the teacher to give the badges to the students to motivate them. Teachers can also make new badges according to the need of their class.
Badges made by demodo
Gradebook help the the teacher in summative assessment of the students.
Calender helps the to plan tasks.
Impact of ICT on Learners Learning
The ICT tools mentioned in this presentation help:
Student become more confident. They don't feel shy to ask questions through Edmodo and Mangahigh when they can send the message to the teacher and the whole group cannot see their message.
Made learners more motivated, interested and they take charge of their own learning.
Give access to information/worksheets/quiz/ 24/7.
Learn through games better.
Fun based learning environment.
Students learned to work collaboratively.
Improved the learners critical thinking skills.
“A very high 86% of teachers in Europe state that pupils are more motivated and attentive when computers and the Internet are used in class...ICT has a strong motivational effect and positive effects on behaviour, communication and process skills.” (Balanskat, 2006)
Impact of ICT on the Institution
Parents are more satisfied because in Edmodo, Tenmarks, Mangahigh and IXL allows them to see their child progress regularly and can discuss it with teachers .
Using modern ICT tools which enhance students understanding of the concept creates a better image for the institution.
Using cost effective or free software benefits the school because it saves school's resources.
Impact of ICT on Teaching
The ICT tools used in the class proved to be very effective. ICT tools mentioned above saves teachers time. The software improved the class performance due to highly motivated students in the Mathematics subject and made the teaching process much easier especially the online tools helped a lot in the teaching process. It reduces paper work because all the data is saved online. Online tools proved to be better teaching resource.
According to (Underwood, 2009) “ Classes with online learning, whether completely online or blended, on average produce stronger learning outcomes than learning face-to-face alone.”

Balanskat, Anja, Roger Blamire and Stella Kefala. The Impact Report: A Review of Studies of ICT Impact on Schools in Europe. European Schoolnet, 11 Dec, 2006 (retrived data on 18th June 2013)

Underwood, Jean. The Impact of Digital Technology: A Review of the Evidence of Digital Technologies on Formal Education. Coventry, UK: Becta, 2009.(retrieved data on 18th June,2013)

Edmodo is a virtual learning environment. It can be accessed at home or school. It has many features that are useful for students and teachers.
Free social learning network for teachers, students, schools and districts:

Safe and easy way to access homework, grades and school notices.

Collaboration Tool
–for Teachers to Collaborate Peer-to-Peer within School & Common Interest Groups
Professional development tool
for teachers
Instructional Tool for Teachers and students.
Platform for Safe
Social Learning
Edmodo is a social learning platform for teachers, students, and parents.

Its free and user friendly and allows parents to make their accounts.
Student asked a question in a private message from the teacher. The teacher has given the reply
Parents Involvement
Edmodo allows the parents to make accounts from their child's account. Parents can see their child's performance and see the school alerts.
Class Analysis
Class result shown in a pie chart.
Ten Marks Recommendation
Helps the teachers to plan differentiated tasks because it has features which allows the teachers to assign different quiz to different students
TenMarks is free for schools.
Allows the parents to make their accounts to see their child's performance.
Allows students to ask questions through messages.

Following website shows the awards won by TenMarks from around the world.
Insightful reporting that tracks
student progress.
Prime Time Math Recommendation
Prime Time Math connect the Math to the real world.
My class learned a lot from it so I do recommend this software for other classes as well.

Report Card of the Student
Profile Page
Set challenges for the students
My Experience
Finding different topics
Permission Letter to parents
IXl.com can not be used for Math it can be used for other subjects as well
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