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Project Think

Based on Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, we examine stories importance now and in the future.

Story TeamA

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Project Think

Sean Hickey
Desiree Markantone
Maddie Rea Story Team A Daniel Pink Chapter Summary Research Stories are easier to remember than random facts and has been used thoughout time.
They are more personable.
Facts are easily found.
Emotion sets stories appart
Story is high concept and high touch.
People like to tell stories about themeslves.
Heroic stories follow the same basic script.
We need to take the ideas in stories and put them to use so we can follow them.
We prefer to talk in stories and often don't realize we are doing it.
Stories can be important to business and hold secrets within an organization. "An organization's knowledge, he realized, is contained in its stories."
Is able to give knowledge meaning.
Able to reach people/get to know people through story.
Can lead to change and revealing the true facts.
Aid in distinguishing goods and services.
Helps people relate to one another.
Brings empathy to the table.

Overall, storytelling brings us closer together and allows us to have "a whole new mind". Story is a good marketing tool. We see it used in commercials everyday. Here are some very well known companies that influence us through story. Kay Jewelers and Jared Jewelers Subway Jenny Craig We all know Kay Jeweler's commercials. "every kiss begins with Kay." And in every Jared commercial, "He went to Jared's" They use little stories about how a man bought jewelry for their significant other who is madly in love with them and now has a large smile across their face. They even have stories about their jewelry designs. Subway's Jared is well known as a weight loss icon. He lost a lot of weight eating Subway everyday over fast food. You can hear about his story via their advertisments or on their website. The commercials for this company often include Kirstie Alley and her story of weightloss through this system. Their website includes a section completely dedicated to people's success stories. They have featured success stories that change on a regular basis as well as a data base of other success stories that you can easily browse through. Valerie and Sara have blogs on the site to tell about their struggle with weight loss and how Jenny Craig is helping them. Twitter Blogging is allowing companies to reach consumers in new ways. Connections are made through the use of story in the form of microblogging. Blogging can be seen similar to a story dialog. Ford Ford has created an entire website devoted to the stories of their costumers about their products. Stories from pervious costumers help future and prospective costumers make decisions on their products. Daniel Pink's idea of story has influenced many people and made them rethink about what story means to them. An example would be Garr Reynolds. Research Garr Reynolds Talks about how Daniel Pink's chapter on Story has affected his presentation skills. He talked to students about their favorite professors and what qualities they possessed. One of the most common responses was theat they would relate their lessons to stories. Mini Sagas With what we learned about story, we set out to write our own Mini Sagas. Each one has exactly 50 words, a beginning, middle, and end. It was extremely difficult to keep to the 50 word limit but we were able to through keeping things concise. Photostory Now that we had written our own stories, our next objective was to listen to the stories of another person and collaborate them into a short story using their photographs. We decided on interviewing Miss Miller because we all have her as a teacher and are all were aware that she has had many interesting opportunities over the years. We enjoyed interviewing Miss Miller because of her enthusiasm and openness and to that we must thank her. She told us dozens of stories over the course of a half an hour so trying to condense them was a very large challenge.
We used Daniel Pink's chapter as a building base for trying to ask questions that would have a story response rather than simple yes, no, or fill in the blank answers. Being good, active listeners also helped us. We were able to take in the information she said, and ask questions when we needed clarification, which made her feel more at ease. What We Learned Entertainment Technology Center At the entertainment technology center there was a story behind every project. Quasi the robot had many many stories involving the experiences he had at technology and science fairs. They designed the robot to have an infectious voice and laugh and mannerisms that made listening to his stories very engaging. The graduate students at the center were very excited to share with us the stories of how their random ideas became reality in the form of video games, music videos, robots, amusment park games and more. There was even a room where the graduate students practice storytelling in the form of improvisation. Communication Storytelling is a vital tool of communication. It allows us to relate to others on a more emotional level. With stories we can see other people's perspective on issues that we normally would not see. This form of communication is not surface level it digs deeper creating more meaningful relationships. Education In our research, we found that students were more fond of professors who taught using story. From our own experience we would have to agree. A teacher who is able to relate the material to story is much more effective than a teacher who lectures straight from the textbook. Students many times feel that they learn not only about the material but about life. Advertising It is found that story is a key component of advertising and marketing products. People are able to recall commercials that use stories because they catch the attention of the audience. Story gives products an emotional attachment. Youtube Video Our Photostory
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