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Hobbit's Dwarves

No description

Victoria Unterberger

on 23 January 2012

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Transcript of Hobbit's Dwarves

-intimidated Bilbo
-disrespected Bilbo
and all dwarves
-had superiority in the group
-helper along with
Balin -true helper
-made friends with Bilbo
-helped Bilbo to find the
hidden door
-was 3rd in charge
- saved Bilbo from the Goblins "Are you in prison, or are you free?
If you want food, and if you want to go on with this silly adventure--it's yours after all and not mine--you had better slap your arms and rub your legs and try and help me get the others while there is a chance!"
Page 193 "He did not expect a chorus
of volunteers, so he was not
disappointed...except old Balin,
the look-out man,who was rather
fond of the hobbit [volunteered]."
Page 213 "Fili and Kili looked uncomfortable and stood on
one leg, but the others made
no pretence of offering." p213 Why Yellow?
Yellow represents supportiveness along with
hope and relaxation. This represents Balin since he helps Bilbo while being relaxed and calm. The Yellow M&M is the "side kick" for the red M&M. This makes sense in relation to "The Hobbit" in that he was next in charge behind Thorin. The Yellow M&M was supportive and relaxed like Balin. "Mellow Yellow"
Why Red?
Red represents sacrifice, passion, and danger. Red also gains attention and power, along with having the connotation of boldness. Through Thorin's leadership and awareness of his family's past and the gold he is seeking shows how he represents red. The red M&M is the leader of all the other M&M's. Pertaining to the Hobbit, Thorin is the commander of the dwarf squad during Gandalf's abscence and he conveys arrogance and greed much like the red M&M. Physical Descriptions
Sky Blue Hood
Silver Tassel
White Beard Physical Characteristics
Scarlet Hood
Silver Belt
Yellow Beard Fili &Kili supportive of Bilbo's actions
and decisions
helped Bilbo find the
secret door
rarely complained
were calm throughout
the journey Physical Characteristics
Blue Hoods
Substantially Sized Noses Why Blue?
The archetypes for Blue are truth, loyalty, and efficiency. This trinity of good exemplifies Fili and Kili's personality. Loyalty is a useful contribution that Fili and Kili donated to Bilbo. Though not always brave enough, Fili and Kili would attempt to help Bilbo when the opportunity came. The blue M&M has a very relaxed, cool, and controlled attitude and personality. He doesn't cause any ruckus and he's willing to help the others if necessary. Both Fili and Kili act like the blue M&M. They are supportive of Bilbo's actions, they rarely complain, and they are willing to contribute to benefit the group. Bombur Lackadaisical
Didn't help Bilbo during the quest "I'm always last and I don't like it...it's somebody else's turn today."Page 144 Why Green?
Green represents envy and Bombur's negative and unaccomodating attitude represent the negative connotations of green.

The green M&M likes to be pampered and demands attention. Bombur, much like his M&M counterpart, expects to be taken care of without contributing to the group and he often complains to other group members. Physical Characteristics
Pale Green Hood
Fat The dwarves, with contrasting personalities, aided and prevented Bilbo on their journey. Work Cited
"The Psychology Of Color." Upload &
Share PowerPoint Presentations and
Documents. Web. 19 Jan. 2012.
M&M Characters are registered trademarks of Mars, Inc. and its affiliates.
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