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Invention Timeline

No description

Matthias Thomsen

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Invention Timeline

Inventions timeline
Before Christ
Pingala invented the binary number system at 300 BC. Pingala invented this for showing about maths. We use it today in computer. Everything you see on the monitor is mad up of 1 & 0 so if you are watching something on the youtube it's just 1 & 0 you're watching.
Middle ages
Eyeglasses got invented at 1280. we use the eyeglasses to see better because some people have problems with there eyes.
20Th Century
World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee. we use it to do work on a computer and research. You can also play on the Internet as we call it.
Digital satellite radio. we use it to hear what's going on in the radio it was one of the first type of satellite.
Pocket watch was invented by Peter Henlien. We use the pocket watch today to look what the time is wherever we are.
Industrial age
Diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel. We use it today to get to people/somewhere easy.
Dark ages
A guy in China invented the gunpowder. We use gunpowder in bullets and missiles we also use it in fireworks.
many people can change a lot but a single person can change the world.
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