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Trent Taylor

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Ice-Cream

By Trenton Taylor
Who invented the first ice-cream cone, and in what year?
Ernest Hamwi invented the first ice-cream cone in 1904.
William A. Breyer made his first batch of ice-cream in Philadelphia in 1866.
What are the top favorite flavors of ice-cream around the world?
The top five favorite flavors of ice-cream around the world are
3.Butter Pecan
What year did Ben and Jerry's open their first store in Vermont?
Ben and Jerry's first store opened in 1978.
Dolley Madison served ice-cream to her husband at the inaugural ball in 1813.
It seems like frozen popsicles have been around forever. Who invented them, and what year were they discovered?
Eleven-year-old Frank Epperson discovered the popsicle in 1905.
In 1846, who patented the first hand-cranked ice-cream maker?
Nancy Johnson and William Young patented the hand-cranked freezer.
To make real ice-cream, how much milk fat must the ice-cream contain?
Ice-cream must contain a 5% minimum of milk fat.
What year and where did William A. Breyer make his first batch of ice-cream?
Harry Burt started the Good Humor Company in 1920; how did he first sell his product?
Harry Burt sold his product by freezing the sticks.

What year did Dolley Madison serve ice-cream at the inaugural ball of her husband?
History of Ice-cream
Originally called the "I-Scream-Bar," Eskimo pie invented the first chocolate covered ice-cream on a stick in what year
It was invented in 1920.
In this presentation you will be learning about ice-cream and all of the things that make ice-cream what it is today.
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