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Education In Canada Compared to Education in the US

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bronwyn chisholm

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Education In Canada Compared to Education in the US

What is Canada's education system like today, and how is it compared within itself and other countries? Terrace elementary and high school rankings British Columbia Rankings Burnaby Rankings Out of 42 elementary school their average is 7.2/10 Out of 10 high schools their average rating is 6.7/10 Out of 860 elementary schools, and 280 high schools their average student ranking is 6/10 Alberta Rankings Out of 523 elementary schools and 243 high schools their rank is 6.15/10 College tuition in Canada compared to the US Canada United States College tuition Undergraduates $2,005 (SFU) Graduates $1,662 Fees $295 $305 Books/supplies $730 $915 Ect... $4,645 $5,108 Total $7,675 $7,990 •Tuition and Fees: $38,071
•Books: $800
•Room and Board: $13,648
•Other Expenses: $1,134
•Total Cost: $53,653 What is the pay scale for teachers in Canada? Certification Elementary teacher grade 1-5 $30,000 - $81,000 Middle teacher grade 5-9 $33,000 - $90,000 Secondary teacher 9-12 $30,000 - $91,000 Years Experience $29,000 - $50,000 less than 1 year 1-4 years $29,000 - $55,000 5-9 years $30,000 - $74,000 10-19 years $37,500 - $92,000 20 or more years $36,000 - $93,500 Bilingual Education $30,000 - $88,000 Master Reading Teacher $38,000 - $94,000 How much is it annually to put one kid into public school? Canada United States They spend 6,482 dollars per kid annually to go to public school l They spend 11,000 per kid annually in the United States What are the standard expectations for kids going to school in Canada? The standard requirment is to follow through with school until age 16, unless you live in Manitoba, Ontario or New Brunswick where you have to wait till 18. Who runs our education system? Education in Canada is for the most part funded publically and overseen by Federal, Provincial and Local Governments What are some interesting facts about Canada's education system? Canada has fewer private schools in the maritime provinces because they feel all students should have an equal education Canada was ranked 3rd in the OECD test rankings, having to do with reading, mathematics and science. Although the United States is one of the biggest spenders on education, they were ranked 14th in the OECD rankings. How is Canada Ranked in The world? Canada is said to be the number one most educated country in the world, with an overall 51% of college grads, first ever to break the half mark.
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