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judy moody and stink and the holl joliday chirstmas

a judy moody book

diamond devine

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of judy moody and stink and the holl joliday chirstmas

Judy Moody and Author:Megan McDonald Stink and the Holly Joliday Chirstmas Genre:realistic fiction (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Different
perspectives Judy Stink Both have the same last name Same: Venn diagram Summary Stink and Judy have a program together at their school.Then a new mail man came along ,and Stink asked him what's his name. the mailman said" Jack Frost." The Judy thought he was totally out of his mind. Now he thinks he knows Jack frost. picture of the book Theme: Always believe in yourself. Support: Judy told you Stink that it would not snow. And Stink always believed in his self:) Stink thought he really meet Jack Frost in this book, which he always believed in his self . Ideas Big and.... ... small Stink Judy same only wants snow for Christmas both
have a fight every day has a friend with a talking parrot Thank you for watching my Prezi I hope you liked it Mrs .Morris Language arts class love:
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