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World's Cuttest Endagered Animals

No description

Mafalda Barradas

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of World's Cuttest Endagered Animals

The World's Cutest Endangered Animals
1st: Egyptian Tortoise
Kleinmann's Tortoise;
Smallest Tortoise - Northern Hemisphere;
Largest - 128 mm;
Females > Males (90 mm);
Extinct - Egypt;
In The Wild - Two Populations (Libya);
Captivity - US ;
Critically Endangered;
2nd: Giant Panda
Rarest Bear;
Large Black Patches Around Its Eyes, Over The Ears, And Across Its Body;
Bamboo Forests - High Mountains Of Western China (+ Sichuan, Shaanxi and Gansu);
Farming, Deforestation;
Carnivorous (99% Bamboo);
Captivity - 239 (China) And 27 (World);
1 590 In The Wild;
3rd: Iberian Lynx
Southern Europe - Mostly In Spain (Southwestern Spain);
Two Populations Living In The Wild (Spain);
309 Specimens;
Depletion Of Its Primary Prey - The European Rabbit (Disease And Over-Hunting);
Habitat Destruction And Fragmentation;
Critically Endangered;
4th: Sea Otter
Marine Mammal;
Pacific Ocean In North America And Asia;
Most Of Time - Water;
Sometimes - Comes Ashore;
Hunted For Their Fur;
1000 - 2000 Animals;
5th: Orangutan
Native To Indonesia And Malaysia;
Southeast Asia;
Only Found In The Rainforests Of Borneo And Sumatra;
Orangutan Means "Man Of The Forest" In The Malay Language;
Reddish-Brown Fur, Not Brown/Black - Chimpanzees And Gorillas;
Poaching, Habitat Destruction, And The lIIegal Pet Trade;
Endangered (Sumatran - CR);
6th: Amur Leopard
Korean Leopard;
Russia, China And North Korea;
Leopard Subspecies - Adapted To A Cold Snowy Climate;
In The Wild (19-26): 14-20 Adults And 5-6 Cubs;
09/2011 - 176 Amur Leopards In Zoos Worldwide;
Poaching, Forest Degradation, Development Projects, Inbreeding;
Critically Endangered;
7th: Tree Kangaroo
Lowland And Mountainous Rainforests - Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, And The Far North Of Queensland (Australia);
They Have Adapted To Life In The Trees - Shorter Legs And Stronger Forelimbs (For Climbing);
Appearance Of A Cross Between A Kangaroo And A Lemur;
Hunting And Habitat Destruction;
Critically Endangered;
8th: African Penguin
Jackass Penguin - Loud Noises;
Africa (South) - Only Penguin Species That Breeds In Africa;
55 000 (Total Population);
Present Population: -10% (1900);
Past: Consume Of Penguin Eggs;
Present: Oil Pollution And Dissipation Of Their Fish Prey (Commercial Fisheries);
The End!
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