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Planning a Wedding

No description

Nicole Palumbo

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding By Nicole Palumbo
The Story of Michael & Maria
Brides Story
Bridal Party
Michelle (Sister of the Bride)
Maid of Honor Extraordinaire

Patricia (Cousin)

Jamie (Good Friend / Old Roommate)

Nicole (Future Sister-in-law)

The Vision
They were not specific. Either a New York City Hotel or Long Island Castle

Their Vision:
Romantic, Cinderella, Class. This couple wants the wedding to reflect the pure love they have for each other. They want rich fall colors such as gold, red, browns

Maria parents are paying for the entire wedding, and Michael parents are paying for the rehearsal. Although there is not strict budget, they would like to keep the budget under $100,000 for 100 guests.

Venue option 1
Michael and I met in Nantucket, MA. I was there with several girlfriends and Bobby was there with his friend Doug. We first saw each other on my second night in Nantucket at The Brant Point Grill. We were both sitting on the terrace and I kept catching him glancing over at our table. Of course, I thought he was a cutie, so I was very happy and impressed when he sent over a glass of wine with a note asking if I had plans for dinner the following night. I looked up and shook my head, no. After dinner, he came over to our table, introduced himself and asked if he could have my number. I gave him my cell number and hoped that I would hear from him.

Bobby called, as promised, and we went out the next night. He took me to a spot on the beach and had the whole thing planned out beautifully. He had a picnic basket, blanket, wine and flowers. We ended up sitting there eating, drinking and talking all evening and have been attached from that point on.
Grooms Story
My best friend, Doug and I decided to go to Nantucket on the spur of the moment.

Our third evening there, we went to The Brant Point Grill. Interesting enough, I didn't want to go, but Doug did. We were sitting on the terrace, when I saw her. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her and I think she knew that. Every time I glanced over to look over at her, she caught me. Finally, Doug had had enough of me talking about this girl I didn't even know and said that if I didn't do something about it, he would. I called over our waiter, handed him a note and asked him to deliver it with a glass of wine to the beautiful brunette woman sitting at the corner table.

I finally got the nerve to go over to her table to introduce myself and she was even more beautiful up close. I asked her for her number which she wrote on her napkin. I couldn't stop thinking about her the whole way back to our hotel room.

The next day, I knew I had to plan the perfect evening. I I couldn't believe how easily the conversation flowed. Of course, the discussion of where we lived came up and I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when she said Boston. However, it looked a bit better when she said she loved NYC.
Doug (Best Friend)
Best Man

Mark (Cousin)

Thomas (Good


Jeff (Good Friend)

Oheka Castle
Long Island, New York
Wedding Ceremony (On-Site) $1,500 per hour
Required for all weddings
(Library, Ballroom, Bar Area, Dining Room, Terrace Room)

Monday-Thursday $8,000
Friday & Sunday $12,000
Saturday $14,000


COST PER PERSON** April - Oct. Nov. - March
Monday-Thursday (excluding holidays) $220 $200
Friday & Sunday $280 $250
Saturday $340 $290
Thanksgiving & New Year’s Eve $300

The Details
Monday-Thursday 95 guests
Friday & Sunday 100 guests
Saturday 150 guests

Save The Date
Anticipation build for Maria and Michael’s as events celebrate the upcoming nuptials…

Engagement Party: Thrown by Maria and Michael
Bridal Shower: Co-Hosted by Mother of the Bride and Bridesmaids (with my help!)
Bachelor Party: Planned by Groomsmen
Bachelorette Party: Planned by Bridesmaids
Rehearsal Dinner: Planned by me. Hosted by Michael’s Parents

Maria and Michael registered for gifts at Bed, Bath and Beyond, Crate and Barrel, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, and Pottery Barn


Four Seasons, New York New York
The New York Palace
Bride Timeline
Groom Timeline
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