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Where I fit in

No description

Charles Herndon

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Where I fit in

Apprenticeship:somebody being trained by a skilled professional in an art, craft, or trade
On the job training
Community College
Where I fit in
Technical College
Entry-level career
Mechanical training
Doctor teaching nurse
Employee training at the place of work while he or she is doing the actual job.

Assemble line worker getting on the job training
Construction worker getting on the job traning
Technical colleges are regional higher education institutions offering certificates and two-year degrees for professional technical subjects
ITT one of the colleges
North west is also one aswell
1.2-year nonresidential college
Two community colleges world wide
Appropriate for or accessible to one who is inexperienced in a field or new to a market
An institution for higher learning with teaching and research facilities constituting a graduate school and professional schools that award master's degrees and doctorates and an undergraduate division that awards bachelor's degrees
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