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Copy of Postmodernism

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Transcript of Copy of Postmodernism

How it came about and where it is now.
Where did it come from?
Faith in authority
Used biased newsreels and propaganda to get war news to the people
After this kind of destruction...
People wanted strict order.
Very clean lines, exposed structure, simple shapes
Warhol's paintings often had a very ordered, repetitive feel to them.
And then...
Space exploration
Vietnam War
We can no longer trust authority.
First mass shootings on school campuses
AIDs Epidemic
Berlin Wall Falls
Twin Towers fall on 9/11
All of these drastic changes in our lives led to drastic changes in the way that we expressed ourselves in music, art, literature, film,dance, and theatre.
Postmodern Literature
Irony, Playfulness, and Black Humor
Postmodern authors will often treat very serious subjects with a sense of dark humor. They choose to distance themselves from the event by using humor to discuss the horrors of the world.
Many postmodern artists/writers combine or paste elements of previous genres and styles of art and literature to create a new narrative voice.
In postmodernism, copying something is not uncommon.
Think about a remixes and monster mashes. What about remakes of famous movies. This stuff wasn't really around until recently.
In postmodernism, the copy often surpasses the original.
metatextualism or metafiction
writing about writing or drawing about drawing.
The artist/author breaks the fourth wall and, by doing so, breaks the audience's disillusionment with the work.
Temporal distortion
technique using nonlinear time.
Characters may jump forwards or backwards in time or there could be cultural and historical references that do not fit.
The invention of the internet and advances in technology
Fight against communism and totalitarianism
Civil Rights Movement
Women's Rights
In a world dominated by technology that has come about in the past few decades literature is going to change.
Brings up a lot of issues:
Ownership of information and thoughts
lack of trust for technology and science
Where are the "new" "original" ideas?
The Death of the American Dream
Corruption/rebellion against Authority
The copy surpasses the original
Issues of the day
Civil Rights
Women's Rights
Reproductive Rights
LGBTQ Rights
Redefining what a text is
Tried to break down any barriers/guidelines that they were given.
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