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Summary of the Book of Genesis of the Bible

Annaliese Miller

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Genesis

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli The World's Beginnings Genesis Chapters 1-8 Chapters 9-16 Chapters 17-24 Chapters 25-32 Chapters 33-40 Chapters 41-50 Jacob and Esau Are Reunited Plot Against Joseph Life in Egypt Joseph and His Brothers The Fall of Man The Flood God creates world
in six days Genesis 17 -19 "As for me, behold, my covenant is with thee, and thou shalt be a father of many nations" - Genesis 17:4 God comes unto Abraham, and tells Abraham that he must follow him
If Abraham follows God's word, he will be blessed with many descendants.
God gives Abraham all of Canaan for his descendants to live and worship God
God also gives Abraham and Sarah a boy, even though they are both very old. They must name their son Issac Pharaoh's Dreams Pharaoh has two nightmares about seven skinny cows eating seven fat cows and seven burned heads of grain eating seven healthy heads of grain
Joseph tells Pharaoh that these dreams mean that seven years of abundance will be followed by seven years of severe famine Joseph as Ruler Pharaoh appoints Joseph to his right-hand man because Joseph is wise and connected with God
Joseph stores up grain for the coming famine Joseph's Brothers Arrive The famine is widespread, and Joseph's brothers go to Egypt to buy grain
Joseph recognizes them, accuses them of being spies, and imprisons one of the brothers (Simeon)
Gives the brothers grain, but demands that the brothers return with Benjamin (the youngest brother)
Keeps Simeon in prison as ransom Return Home The brothers return home with grain
Jacob (father) is hesitant about sending Benjamin because of what happened to Joseph
Jacob allows Benjamin to go to Egypt, and the brothers travel back with gifts and silver to appease Joseph (who they still don't recognize) Back in Egypt Joseph receives his brothers and invites them to a midday dinner
The next day, he sends them off, but hides a silver cup in Benjamin sack of grain
Joseph says he will enslave Benjamin for the crime
A brother protests, saying their father will die of grief if they don't return with Benjamin Joseph Reveals Himself Joseph reveals himself to his brothers
Brothers are astonished
Joseph instructs them to pack up their home and bring all of their belongings to Egypt
Family will be taken care of throughout the famine To Egypt! Jacob and all his family pack up and move to Egypt
God reassures Jacob that He will take care of them
Jacob sees Joseph, and they weep from joy Sabbath Day (7th) God rested on 7th day Adam and Eve Garden of Eden Tree of Knowledge Serpent entices Eve into eating fruit of knowledge.
Eve gives to Adam to eat. Humans are sinful Is ignorance bliss? Cain kills Abel "Raising Cain" Causing trouble
creating uproar Generations of Adam Lifespan of 700-900 years
Seth, Noah The Lord decides to send a flood to destroy human corruption Noah and the Arc Family
2 of every kind of animal 40 days and 40 nights 3-story arc Raven Dove Olive Branch Rainbow God promises never to flood again Famine Worsens Egyptians are forced to sell their livestock and their land to Pharaoh to buy food
Egyptians sell themselves into bondage becuase they no longer have land
1/5 of crops go to Pharaoh, other 4/5 belongs to people Jacob Begins to Die Jacob asks Joseph to bury him in Israel
Jacob blesses Joseph's sons (Ephraim and Manasseh)
Jacob predicts that Ephraim (the younger) will be greater than Manasseh (the older) Jacob Blesses His Sons Jacob blesses his sons
Predicts their future lives
Jacob's sons and Joseph's sons will become the founders of the 12 tribes of Israel Jacob Dies Jacob dies
Joseph fulfills his promise and buries his father in Canaan
Joseph reassures his brothers that he holds no grudge against them for their actions because it was all part of God's plans for their lives
Joseph dies at the age of 110 and was buried in Egypt Abraham Prays for Sodom -Esau meets Jacob with 400 men The people of Sodom and Gomorrah are very sinful
God wants to kill the entire city
Abraham convinces God to save Sodom if there are 50 good people in the city.
Abraham then convinces God to save the city if He finds 45 good people, and so on, until God says He will spare the city if he finds 10 good people. -Cattle was given
-Esau left for Seir
-Jacob went to Shalem (in the land of Canaan) Sodom A man named Lot saw two angels come into the town, and he treated them with respect and disregarded the other citizens who wanted the angels for sex.
The angels then warned Lot and his family to leave Sodom before it is destroyed.

God sent down burning sulfur as rain to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah.

After they escaped, Lot's two daughters got him drunk and slept with him so they could have children. -Jacob now living in Canaan
-Joseph was the favorite of the brothers -His brothers were jealous
-Joseph had dreams about him becoming king
-Joseph was sent to Shechem, where he was to see how his brothers and the flocks are doing
-His brothers had left for Dothan so he folllowed -His brothers plotted against him and threw him into a pit
-They debate killing him
-Instead, the sold him to the Ishmaelites
-He was taken to Egypt
-The bothers covered Jospeh's coat in blood an took it to their father who believed Joseph to be killed by a beast
-His father (jacob) mourned forever and accepted no comfort Genesis 20 Abraham and Sarah moved to the Southern Desert, in a town called Gerar.
Abraham went around telling everyone how Sarah is his sister.
Therefore, the King Abimelech took Sarah into his home.
God became angry with Abimelech because he took a married woman into his home.
He threatened that if Abimelech didn't return Sarah back to Abraham, his entire city would die.
Sarah was returned to Abraham
Abraham said that he did this because he didn't believe that any of the townspeople respected God.
However, he was not lying that Sarah was his sister; Abraham and Sarah are half siblings. -Bought again by Potiphar
-He was made an overseer of his masters house
-Potiphar's wife told Potiphar lies because Joseph wouldn't love her
-He was sent to prison, but later put in charge
-A baker and Butler who had angered the Pharaoh were sent to the prison under Joeseph's care
-The butler and baker had Joeseph interpret their dreams
-As their dreams fortold, when back at the palace, the butler got his job back, and the baker was hung
-Joespeh was forgotten Literary Relation Theme of family loyalty during times of hardship
In "Of Mice and Men," George and Lenny (although not technically family) stick together during the Great Depression
George is similar to Joseph in that he supports his family (Lenny)
George also forgives Lenny for losing them jobs just as Joseph forgives his brothers for abandoning him Genesis 21 Sarah has her son
Names him Issac
Sarah wanted to send away Abraham's other son, Ishmael, as well as his mother, the slave Hagar.
God protects Ishmael and Hagar as they live on their own. Genesis 22 The Test God tells Abraham to go to the top of the mountain to sacrifice his son, Issac.
Abraham has Issac carry the wood for the pyre.
He then ties Issac up for sacrifice.
As Abraham is about to stab Issac, an angel tells him to stop, and Abraham has proved that he really loves God. What happens after that? Abraham is blessed with many descendants that come after him because he has proved he loves God. Genesis 23-24 Connection: Lot's daughters having children with their father is similar to Oedipus and how he had his mother's children.
However, they willingly had children with their father, Oedipus did not know Jocasta was his mother. Connection: Jesus Christ carried his own wooden cross to his Crucifixion just like Issac carries the wood on his back for his sacrifice. (Foreshadowing?) Connection: Abraham is a prophet in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Sarah passes away
Abraham tells his oldest servant to find a wife for Issac
He requests that she cannot be Canaanite, and that she must come and live in the land God gave Abraham.
The servant goes out on a search and prays.
A girl named Rebekah comes and gives the servant food for his camels and a place for him to stay
The servant finds Rebekah to be a worthy wife so he takes her back to Issac, who loves her very much, and marries her. Chapter 25
At Abraham’s death he leaves everything he owns to Isaac. God blesses Isaac. Issac and Ishmael, Abraham’s other son bury him in a field with Sarah
-lived 175 years!
-Ishmael is son of Abraham and Hagar, Sarah’s slave
-Isaac and Rebekah had Esau and Jacob (Isaac liked Esau, Rebekah liked Jacob) Chapter 26

4. Isaac goes to a place called Gerar, is successful there until he is forced out for being too successful Chapter 27-28
5. Jacob takes Esau’s blessing by pretending to be Esau (wears same clothes, goat skin to mimic hair)flees Esau by going to Laban, a relative of Rebekah’s Chapter 29-30
-Reaches Laban, works 6 yrs to get Rachel but gets Leah instead, works another 6 yrs for Rachel
-Produces many children through the two and their servants
-Jacob wants to leave and takes as his wages every speckled, spotted or streaked goats/lambs; makes these goats reproduce with Laban’s and ends up with a spotted flock larger than Laban’s Chapter 31-32
-Jacob decides to leave Laban with Leah, Rachel, sons, servants, and herd without telling Laban
-Laban pursues Jacob because he notices that some household gods were gone (Rachel stole them); Laban goes through all of Jacob’s stuff, but does not see the gods because Rachel is sitting on them!
-Jacob sends two parts of his flocks ahead of him with servants, instructing them to tell Esau that the flocks are a present from Jacob
-That night, Jacob wrestles with God and is renamed Israel because he struggled with God; his hip is hurt-->sign it actually happened CHAPTER 9 CHAPTER 15 CHAPTER 11 CHAPTER 14 CHAPTER 10 (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr CHAPTER 13 CHAPTER 16 CHAPTER 12 -God blessed Noah and his sons, providinxtg them with all food and plants.
-God made man in his own image
-Be fruitful and populate the earth
-God promises after the Ark that he will never again flood and destroy the earth
-Covenant between God and Noah and all living creatures
-God’s flesh is upon earth-Noah lived 350 years after the flood= 950 years total -Families of the sons of Noah establish nations and languages.  -whole world have one language of few words
-men migrated from east to land of Shinar
-God decided to scatter the men abroad in order to confuse their languages, making it difficult for them to communicate because the men were becoming too presumptuous and God did not want them to believe they could their abilities were boundless.
-Therefore, the city the men worked to build was called Ba’bel. -God shows Abram to a land that will be his great nation
-All men who bless Abram are blessed, and all that curse him be cursed.
-Abram and Lot depart from Haran to the land of Canaan. Once there, God appears and gives the land to Abram’s ancestors.
-When Abram and his wife, Sar’ai, cross into Egypt, the Pharaoh takes Sar’ai to be his wife in trade for wealth and animals, believing that Abram is her brother.
-God sends down a curse on the Pharaoh and Sar’ai and Abram continue on their journey -Abram and Lot continue through Bethel and return to the place where they had built the alter.
-The land cannot support all of their cattle and wealth.
-The men separate. Lot chooses Jordan Valley while Abram chooses the land of Canaan -Many kings fought in a lengthy battle in the Valley of Siddim
-Abram’s kinsmen were taken captive, so he and his servants sent out to rescue them.
-The King of Salem then blessed Abram -“Fear not, Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great”
-Abram fears that his slave will be his only heir, but God promises that he will have his own descendants
-God requests that Abram brings him a heifer, a she-goat, a ram, a turtledove, and a young pigeon
-God lets Abram know that his descendants will be slaves but that God will bring judgement down on the oppressors. -Sar’ai, Abram’s wife, believes that she cannot bore the children
-She gives the maid, Hagar, to Abram to have children
-Hagar conceived a child but was punished for looking on Sar’ai with contempt
-Hagar runs away but an angel finds her and tells her to return.
-God asks Hagar and Abram to name the son Ish’mael 6. When Jacob is traveling away, he is visited in a dream by God; pour
oil over a stone, calls it Bethel (God’s house) Connection: "Wrestling with God" through not literally like Jacob did, is said to mean that a person is overcoming fears and believing in onself Connection: In Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut, Resi Noth pretends to be Helga Noth in order to gain the love of Howard Campbell Jr. Connection: In William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, this passage is directly mentioned by Shylock as a sort of justification for usury
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