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What floats your boat?

No description

Newcastle PARTNERS

on 19 November 2018

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Transcript of What floats your boat?

Think about how boats float
Think about the features of boats
Label your design
Explain why you have chosen those materials
The boat must be able to carry the treasure away from the island
Give your boat a name
Buy your materials
When you are asked to come to the shop

1) Bring your booklet with you
2) Be careful with your materials once you have them
The challenge
You were on a treasure hunting mission to Wye Aye island
Pirate Captain Peg Leg has stolen your ship marooning you on the island!
You are the ship's engineer and must build a ship to escape and carry the treasure to safety
The winners are...
What floats your boat?
One person in a team to bring the boat up

Step 1 - The boat will be put on the water to see if it floats
Step 2 - Treasure will be put on the boat one piece at a time
Keep in touch
Water displacement
If I take two empty capped bottles (one big and one small) and push them underwater which one will be the hardest to keep down?
Both bottles displace (push aside) the water. The displaced water pushes back on the bottles.
The upward push of the water on an object gets bigger as more water is displaced.
The big bottle displaces more water than the small one does. There is more force pushing it up and it floats better
Water Displacement
71% of the world is water
Need marine engineers to
marine structures
Buoyancy is the term for describing the force pushing back up on the bottle.
The more buoyancy something has, the higher it floats in the water.
How do boats float?
Float or sink?
Density is the number of particles in a volume (area)
For an object to float on water it must be less dense than water
Water has a high density and is hard to compress (squash)
Features of a boat
HMS Victory award

Boaty McBoatFace award

Titanic award
Displace lots of water
Water molecules are hard to compress and have a high density
What are boats
made from?
Decide on materials
You can use any materials the judges acknowledge to build the boat
£100 budget
Communicate and
share tasks
Think about the performance of your boat

1) What was the best part of your design?
2) How would you improve it?
Marine Engineers
What is engineering?
"Scientist investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been" -
Albert Einstein


Boats can carry heavy loads that would normally sink
Features of a boat
Offshore platforms
Holds weight
Doesn't tip over
The design of the
boat is up to you
You must name your boat
The Titanic award
HMS Victory
Boaty McBoat Face award
Material prices are
listed per item
Calculate the total cost (£) = number of items x cost per item (£)
Points won't be awarded
for saving money
Work as a team
Use your design and materials
to create your boat
Record any changes
to your design
Metals such as steel and aluminium
Super strong plastics
such as Kevlar
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