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Interactive Notebooks

No description

Ronda Tatum

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Notebooks

Interactive Notebooks
for Mathematics

Pros and Cons
What is it?
Each Student Will Need:

Composition or Spiral Notebook

Glue Sticks, Tape, or Stapler

Initial Set-Up
Decorate the cover
Attach rubric or guidelines to inside front cover
Title page
Reserve the next few pages for Table of Contents
Label the rest of the pages, even numbers on the left, odd numbers on the right
An interactive notebook . . .
"can be a powerful instructional tool, allowing students to take control of their learning while processing information and engaging in self-reflection" (Waldman and Crippen 2009).
Daily Use
Left Side - Output
Graphic Organizers
Journal Pages
Writing Assignments
Right Side - Input
Cornell Notes
Vocabulary Assignments
Bell Ringers
Exit Slips
Practice Problems
A system of notetaking devised by Walter Pauk from Cornell University.
Cornell Notes
Research has shown that “notetaking facilitates both recall of factual material and the synthesis and application of new knowledge, particularly when notes are reviewed prior to exams” (Dezure, Kaplan, & Deerman, 2001).
NCTM Problem Solving Standard
Graphic Organizers
Writing Activities
Math Journal
Math Poetry
MO - Method of Operation
Magnet Summary
In his study of students using the four corner and a diamond graphic organizers, Zollman (2009) found use of the organizers helps students improve problem solving abilities and mathematical communication skills.

NCTM Standards Problem Solving
Factor Tree
Four Corners and a Diamond
1. What are you trying to find?
2. What do you already know?
3. Brainstorm strategies
4. Solve the problem
5. Write and explain your answer
Writing allow students the avenue to make connections between what they are learning and what they experience in their own lives. This relevance translates into student motivation and interest. (Albert and Antos, p 526).

NCTM Standards - Connecting
Reasoning and Proof
Students will create a class specific glossary in the back of their ISN.
The language of mathematics is precise, requiring direct instruction in order for students to be able to communicate effectively.
Monroe and Panchyshyn (1995)

NCTM Standard - Communicating
". . . provides a varied set of strategies to create a personal, organized, and documented learning record" (Waldman and Crippen, 2009).
Variety of Strategies
aligning with NCTM
Personal Learning Record

Lost or Incomplete Notebooks
When used to incorporate strategies supported by research, interactive student notebooks are an effective educational tool for the mathematics classroom.
Align to NCTM Standards
Problem Solving
Reasoning and Proof
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