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Assignment for AP Lit. on Macbeth

Kristina Williams

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of bookTALK

The Bloody Dagger! Macbeth Page Two! Page Three! Word of Mouth Reading Suggestions Art Relevant Facts Style of Play Contemporaries William Shakespeare Characters "Did You Know" Page One! Macbeth Lady Macbeth
Three Witches Banquo
King Duncan Macduff
Malcom Hecate
Fleance -Macbeth was a real king.
-Macbeth is seen as a tribute to James I.
-During the play's first performance, in 1606, the boy who played Lady Macbeth died backstage.
-They mention cannons and dollars in the play and in Scotland in the 11th century these did not exist.
-After Shakespeare had been dead for 50 years, producers began to change his script by adding and/or omitting anything they chose to. It was not until the mid1800s that the original script was used again. William Shakespeare was born in 1564 and was 52 when he died in 1616, having been baptized in April of 1564. William had seven siblings, only five made it to adulthood. William is thought to have attended the King's New Grammar School, yet no one id certain on this. William was married and had three children. In the span of 23 years, he is credited with writing 38 plays and sonnets and 5 other poems. Shakespeare uses prose, blank verse, and trochaic tetrameter with rhymed couplets in his writing, although blank verse is used the most out of all the other writing styles. There was many contemporaries of William Shakespeare and some of the few are Philip Henslowe, Richard Burbage, William Kempe, Edward Alleyn, and so on. -Of the 154 sonnets the playwright penned, his first 26 were said to be directed to an aristocratic young man who did not want to marry. Sonnets 127-152 talk about a dark woman the Bard seems to have had mixed feelings for.
-William never published any of his plays.
-William wrote lewd comments about women in his plays.
-Racism and anti-semitism crops up frequently in the Bard's work. 1. Walk into the Chevalier Theatre to see the Actors' Shakespeare Project production of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" and you might think you've come to the wrong place. Gray tattered curtains stretch from stage floor to ceiling. Heaped up in one corner are flowered carpets and upholstered chairs and an overturned oval table with a broken leg. So is director Paula Plum's concept. "Macbeth" is set in the World War I era with a run time of just two hours and 15 minutes, with one 15-minute intermission. Anna-Alisa Belous's costumes are period perfect. "Men must not walk too late," the play tells us, but I'd walk pretty late to see this "Macbeth" again. -by Jeffrey Gantz The Comedy of Errors Love's Labour's Lost
A Midsummer Nights Dream The Merchant of Venice
As You Like It Henry IV, Part 1,2
Henry V Henry VI, Part 1,2,3
Troilus and Cressida Titus Andronicus
Coriolanus Romeo and Juliet
Timon of Athens Julius Caesar
Hamlet King Lear
Othello Antony and Cleopatra Globe Theater Picture of the play 2. Alan Cumming puts a daring spin on Shakespeare's tragedy, shifting its focus from the cost of ambition to the harrowing imprisonment of madness. If his full-throttle commitment to the concept of this audaciously reimagined "Macbeth" is any indication, a restful hiatus between seasons of The Good Wife was apparently not a priority for Alan Cumming. For anyone encountering "Macbeth" for the first time, this interpretation may be baffling. -by David Rooney 3. "Macbeth" is one of Shakespeare's most popular plays. The play is underpinned by the bloody imprint of murder and war: no wonder, then, that the 'Scottish Play' reverberates so strongly within the Northern Irish imagination. Lynne Parker's take on "Macbeth" twists it into something horribly familiar for its Belfast audience. "Macbeth" is transported from the boggy, bloody lands of civil war-torn Scotland, to an exploration of the inner workings of the Ulster psyche,and the deep pain of recent Irish history. -by Romano Mullin Romanesque art - traditions from the Classical world (not to be confused with Romanesque architecture)
Gothic art - Germanic traditions (not to be confused with Gothic architecture). Music Literature A variety of cultures influenced the literature of the High Middle Ages, King Arthur, Charlemagne, and Latin literature, but the strongest among them being Christianity. Early in the period, Gregorian chant was the dominant form of church music; other forms, beginning with organum, and later including clausulae, conductus and the motet, developed using the chant as source material. Helpful Sites http://www.william-Shakespreare.info
http://thegown.net/2012/10/29/theatre-review-macbeth-at-the-lyric-theatre/ by Kristina Williams
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