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Japanese Fashion JPN221

No description

Moe Orihara

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Japanese Fashion JPN221

Pedro Jacinto
Moe Orihara
Alexander Yates Japanese Fashion Main Ideas Alexander Yates Clearly defined periods of fashion in Western culture.
Similarities in Japanese fashion?
Timeline of fashion changes. GENDER DIFFERENCES
IN FASHION Fashion leaders Pedro Jacinto "Fashion leader" : a top model Moe Orihara fashion leader could be...
fashion model
idol (AKB48)
bikini model
actress various genres of fashion "Fashion leader" J-Pop Queens of Heisei
Fashion Leader Namie Amuro 1996 2005 Ayumi Hamasaki 2001 Namie Amuro pop-singer and dancer from Okinawa
a quarter Italian "Amurer" : a group of girls copy Namie Amuro's fashion style during 1990's mini-skirt
tan skin
brown and long hair
platform boots
thin eyebrow Ayumi Hamasaki nickname: "Ayu"
teen idol and pop-singer Ayu boom
deka san (big sunglasses)
blond short hair
nail art
leopard & camouflage patterns Fashion Awards Best Jeanist Kumi Koda Kumi Koda nickname: Ku-chan
pop-singer and dancer "Ero-Kakoii": Ero (Erotic) +Kakoii (Cool)
showing cleavage
showing a bra
exposing back and stomach Fashion Awards Nail Queen Japanese Fashion
Decades and Trends Overview Eras
Modern (and Street Fashion)
External influence/Popular Culture
Western culture/fashion vs. Japanese culture/fashion (continuously) 1920s: Western 1920s: Japan 1960s: Western 1960s: Japan 1980s: Western 1980s: Japan Modern Japan
(+Street Fashion) Tokyo Girls’ Collection The End Thank you!!! Flappers and Gangsters Street Fashion End of Taisho/Early Showa Period
Iconic fashion change
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