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Three-Level Study Guide

No description

Julia Lilienthal

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Three-Level Study Guide

Three-Level Study Guide Julia Lilienthal What is it? An instructional tool that guides students into higher levels of comprehension First, students are asked to consider questions at the LITERAL LEVEL...
Third is an APPLICATION LEVEL Directs students' attention to the most important aspects of the text Why Use It? Helps students to focus on key words or ideas Literal cues help students interpret and connect to the text Gives students information and understanding they can apply to other texts or situations Students will internalize the method and be able to deconstruct a simple text When Should You Use It? Whenever students will be reading or viewing complex, dense, or challenging texts How Do You Use It? Level 1: Literal Focus on most important details of text Sentence Starters Name, Describe, Choose, Select, List, State, Define, Observe, Match Level 2: Interpretive Interpret events, infer motivations, determine causes and effects, predict consequences, or anaylize situations Sentence Starters Summarize, Compare, Find patterns, Classify, Organize, Question, Predict, Determine Level 3: Application Apply literal and inferential knowledge to new situations or challenges Sentence Starters Imagine, Create, What if, Plan, Evaluate, Solve, Hypothesize, Apply Examples I have created a Three-Level Study Guide for you about the reading we had due for today. Please complete it with partners! We will go over it together :) You Try It! Students can also create their own study guides and develop their own questions. Allen, Janet. "Three-Level Study Guide." More Tools for Teaching Content Literacy. Portland: Stenhouse, 2008. N. pag. Print.



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