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Boys and Girls Schools In New France

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ashana rahaman

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Boys and Girls Schools In New France

Boys and Girls Schools in New France
Most schools today have both boys and girls . This however was not the case in New France. Boys and girls went to different schools and had to learn a variety of different things. We will be talking about this important aspect in the history of New France.
According To the rules of church, what are some reasons for the separate school? Why are boys and girls separate
Benefits and Disadvantages of the separate roles for boys and girls how does it affect the community
What are the Differences And Similarities Between Girls and Boys School in New France.

Girls and Boys were given totally different jobs after education so they were taught different subjects to go towards different job pathways.
boys were taught Latin, math philosophy and religion
job opportunities for them were lawyers, doctors or priests
girls were taught reading, writing, arithmetic and homemaking
job opportunities for them were nuns, wives and mothers
Nevertheless girls and boys had some similarities in their learning stage. Similarities are
both were taught in French
both were taught to give back to the community
Boys didn't have the need to learn the same skills as Girls, vice-versa.
The church wanted the community to not have a clump of only a skill in everyone, but church wanted the community to be diverse.
With that diversity they could have their community be more attached to use each other's skills.

girls were taught home making because they could take care of the family and expand the population of the community
boys could not expand the community so they were taught to be doctors so they could make the community have less sicknesses and lawyers so that the crime would also be controlled
if girls were taught the same thing to become lawyers and doctors they would not be able to take care of the family and new France`s population would not grow

there were not enough people in the work force
girls/ women were respected less in New France's society
women were less active in New Frances society than men
Fun Facts
in 1676 a boarding school was set for only for daughters of rich merchants and colonists
in New France women were more educated than men because of the knowledge of homemaking
church was the only source of education in the Royal Colony
there weren't local schools like we have today there were only schools in big towns
the only people in the rural area who were sent to school were priests so they could train others
sisters of the Notre Dame congregation established schools for girls in rural areas and not just in big cities
From the Perspective of the Religious figure
of the girls or boys schools , why are boys and girls taught different subjects?
A great religious figure for the girls schools was Marie de l`incarnation she believed that it was important that boys and girls should be taught different subjects because:
Marie de l`incarnation was a woman her self with a son so she knew what important skills a woman needed that a man could not do
she also had a son and she understood what a boy needs to learn to survive
she also knew that in France her home country they were different roles for the woman and the man
in France the education was also designed the same way
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Thanks For Listening
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