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jime carranza

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Inglaterra

The school.
There are many different schools:
• State funded school (public school)
•Boarding school.
•Independent school (private school)

All children should have uniform, and the teachers are very formal, serious and strict.
It is compulsory to attend school from age 5 to 16 years.
Schools in England are the best in the world.

In this country, people speak English, London is the capital and the inhabitants are 7,556,900.
They have many beliefs, but there are more Catholics.
The political system is the monarchy, with a parliamentary government. they are governed by the king.

Location of
England on the

this school is of England, only 7% of the population attend this school .

England has many important places, such as:
This is the 'round the world'
This is the famous
"Big Ben"
Flag of England
Carranza Jimena
If i traveled to England, i would dance thetypical dances , as Morris Dance.
These dances are very funny, and it is a custom that dance at all parties.
If i traveled to England, i would have lunch the typical food as pies, because are similar to our empanadas.
How delicious!
In England there is much pollution in the air.
In England many homes have no electricity
In England the most important problems are the floods
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