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Robotics Club at UCLA

Infosession presentation.

Michael Sechooler

on 27 September 2010

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Transcript of Robotics Club at UCLA

Robotics Club at UCLA Fall Quarter Infosession What is robotics? Okay... What is a robot? A robot is a rover. A robot is an arm. A robot is a humanoid. A robot is a killing machine. A robot is a mechanical device that does a job that is too... far away, repetitive, or dangerous. for a human. Past Projects RoboMagellan University Rover Challenge What will you do? Project Spark Fully autonomous robot
Navigates medium-sized course, looking for traffic cones
Uses GPS, camera, touch sensors, and other positional data
Programming intensive Teleoperated
Must navigate rough Utah terrain
Find "downed" astronaut, localize remote targets, operate switches and sockets, and search for life Attend Tutorials CS:
Program in C
Use microcontroller
Interface with sensors
Control motors
Think about a project on a higher level ME:
Use Solidworks CAD software
Machine custom parts
Think about a project on a higher level CS:
Breaking down project to series of modules
Programming each module in a team
Documentation! Build Robot ME:
Design CAD model of robot
Machine parts
Assemble robot
Enjoy fruit of your labor And Later... Travel to Competition So, what kind of commitment are we talking about? Two meetings per week

~1 hour per meeting

No dues or fees required Let's get started! Mechanical tutorial tomorrow (Tuesday, September 28, 2010) at 6pm in 38-138A CAD lab.
Programming tutorial Wednesday and Thursday at 6pm in 38-138A CAD lab.
Through week two, tutorials open to all.
Week three and thereafter open only to members.
Must apply for membership before week three. See www.seas.ucla.edu/robotics for more information. Oh, yeah!

It's time for a robot demonstration!
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