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Navigating the Journey of Close Reading

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Victoria Deese-Goodman

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Navigating the Journey of Close Reading

Navigating the Journey of Close Reading

Close reading is taught in many different ways. It is a teaching method that imbeds reading strategies authentically within. Text complexity is key, as is
questioning and accountable talk.

What is Close Reading?
Dr. Douglas Fisher Explains
Now let's see close reading in action in a kindergarten classroom. In the primary grades, close reading can be considered close listening.
As we progress through the grade levels, close listening becomes close reading. In this video, you will see students completing a cold read and then having accountable talks about the text.
Now that we've seen close reading strategies in action, how do put it in action in our classrooms?
Close reading is about digging
deeper, and asking students to think
about what is beyond the surface of a text. Close reading can be done in a read-aloud, with with the teacher asking text-dependent questions.
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