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Expository Essay

a brief explanation of the similarities between the STAAR open ended response and expository essay.

Jarrod Swint

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of Expository Essay

We have been practicing short answer questions with this graphic organizer.
First we answer the
question directly.

We are sure to include the word
"because" so that our answer will
have depth.

We know to support our answer
with evidence from the story.
Two Pieces.
And we know that after we give a quote
from the story we need to explain how that
quote relates to the answer we gave.
We may say something like, "In this quote
Maggie shows that she loves the quilt because
it came from her grandmother. This personal
attachment through the object of the quilt
differentiates Maggie from her sister Dee who
values the quilt as a representation of her heritage."
And we know that when we link all of these boxes together, these parts form a whole and complete answer to the short answer question.
What we may not know is that this short answer is sort of like a mini expository essay.
We only have to make a couple of modifications
in order to use the same box to plan a complete
expository essay.
We still answer the
question directly.
We still use because or
by to create depth and
answer the question,
This box is our thesis
Instead of text evidence we
find our evidence in history,
current events, and our own
personal experiences.
We still need two pieces of evidence. And you should have no more than one piece from your own experience.
Remember, this is not a story.
It is important to link each piece
of evidence back to your thesis
so that you stay on topic.
You can create this link by
explaining how your evidence
proves that you are right.
These two boxes create your 1st body paragraph.
These two boxes create your 2nd body paragraph.
In this box you should finish with a one sentence conclusion that ties everything back together.
This is still your thesis.
Now draw this box on your paper and we will practice filling it in together.
Explain the importance of taking responsibility for your actions.
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