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Amanda Potter-Laycock

Prezume Resume - All About Me

Amanda Potter-Laycock

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Amanda Potter-Laycock

Who I Am?
What I've

How I've
Done It

Where I've
Done It

People Who
Know My Work

512-992-8454 amandaVThokie@gmail.com Austin, TX
Interests & Activities:
If you are looking for someone to thrive in their comfort zone you should consider other candidates. I like to push boundaries, I thrive in ambiguity and I live and work by the philosophy that you aren’t truly living until you’ve reached the edge of your comfort zone. Some of my best work is done on the fly regardless of my experience with the task at hand. If its something new, there’s an opportunity to learn.
IDOG Rescue Group Volunteer, Doodle Dogs, Zentangle, Travel, Coffee, Yoga, Cooking & Baking, Knitting, Puzzles & LEGOs
2007: Master of Arts – Advertising
University of Texas
2004: Bachelor of Science – Marketing Management
Virginia Tech
Work Experience
Jude Samson
Esmy Macias
VIP Acquisitions Representative Auction.com
Amanda Potter-Laycock
Marketing professional known to colleagues as the go-to person who designs and implements new ideas and gets the job done. Loves solving large puzzles while never forgetting the importance of the finite details. Needs to be challenged daily. Thrives in a learning work environment with open creative outlets. Asks the question “Why?” in order to understand the value of work and impact to the bottom line. Constantly works to maximize both internal and external client satisfaction and improve brand awareness.
Why Me?:
Managed all aspects of targeted email marketing efforts using Constant Contact and Instapage to create campaigns and landing pages.
Consistently achieve a 15% open rate with an average of 10-15% click through on messaging to targeted groups.
Registered $500,000 in design bids from email targeting healthcare architects and facility managers, $100,000 in furniture orders from office facility managers & 10 presentation opportunities with warehouse managers.
Created logo style sheet and guidelines for streamlined company branding.
Worked with copywriter to develop branded graphics style guide and use Canva to generate new graphics to coincide with latest content.
Maintaining internal image libraries and watermarking documents / photos with company contact information.
Rebranding brochures and print collateral for distribution to sales team and customers using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign.
Creation and maintenance of online brochure library of 400+ vendor and product-specific technical documentation for use as reference guides for sales and management team.
Optimizing SouthwestSolutions.com website pages for search engines; keywords, meta descriptions and title tags. Updated image names, anchor text and meta descriptions on websites for improved search engine optimization.
Checking link functionality, page formatting and adding brochure content and reference codes for improved internal search results.
Marketing Specialist Aug. 2012-Present
Southwest Solutions Group

Shelley Kilpatrick
Marketing Specialist
Southwest Solutions Group
Basic Knowledge:
Google Analytics Google Adwords
I Want to Learn More:
Analytics & Automation
Marketing Research
Google Adwords

Marketing Communications
Email Marketing
Product Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Market Research / Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Online Advertising
Brand Management
Contract Compliance
Design Collaboration
Content Distribution
Collateral Design
Collateral Management
Web Analytics
Blog Management
Marketing Manager Nov. 2007- Mar. 2012
Levelfield.com, Inc.

Managed internal email marketing program using basic HTML knowledge to produce email campaigns.
Negotiated vendor list rates for external email sends.
Managed internal SEO for all 3 company websites.
Maintained marketing materials used as sales collateral.
Worked with Upper Management, Clients, Sales and Accounting to assure proper invoicing, payment processing and refunds.
Worked with Senior Developer to initiate reorganization of sales tools for better UI/UX and to design a maintenance structure for monthly tax and profitability reporting.
Worked with Content Manager to maintain relationships with supplier accounts, generate new relationships and increase network content for distribution.
Developed pricing policies with Design Team Manager to drive sales in new and undersold products, including volume discounts.
Worked with Sales Department to develop effective channeled promotions to increase sales.
Established contacts and relationships with current and potential customers and channel partners to drive ROI for Levelfield’s distribution services and expand the company’s customer base.
Worked with technical support to implement, assist, and assure completion of high-priority technical issues and followup with clients to confirm resolution.
Received feedback from clients on desired product features, researched implementation and worked with developers to implement viable solutions.
Maintained Levelfield's blog as voice of company president translating ideas and stories into 1st person narrative.
Searched and located used vehicles for Credit Union members for Levelfield Auto Car Buying Program.
Acted as liaison between credit union members and loan officers to promote financing and sale of used vehicles.
Lead application process for government licensing including compilation of technical and financial documentation.
Developed and edited RFP responses and proposals for Government Municipalities within the State of Texas.
If it sounds like I am a match made for your marketing team. Let's get together and discuss over coffee!
What I Want
I want to be inspired on a daily basis, have passion for the company I work for and believe in their products. I need a team & family environment with a growth & learning culture.

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